What happens following a brain injury?

Wed 28th October 2015 at 12.15 - 14.00

Life after a brain injury will most likely be challenging, to say the least but life there usually is. So, how do you live after a brain injury? Well, "Headway South Cumbria" exists to help and Glenys will explain what support is available to those concer

Glenys Marriott has some advice.

This talk by Glenys Marriott, whilst being about what life can be like following brain damage, is not "part two" in a series but does expand on what we think we know about this potentially most devastating ailment that any one of us might face at any time, for instance, through an accident. Having served as the CEO of both a health authority and a major teaching hospital in the North East, from 2009 until the emergence of the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's) she was the independent Chair of the NE Neurosciences Commissioning Network but now works as an indepenent health and social care consultant.