2015 Crossford Gala

Sat 6th June 2015 at 11.00 - 16.00

Rotary will attend Crossford's main event

Yes – the hurricane force winds eventually  blew our house ( tent) down at Crossford Gala, but not before the brave SAMURAI (  Anne EW, Robert, Dave,Ewan, Greig,Ken Mac and Robin P, and Douglas) managed to send a powerful message to the local community “Rotary  is still alive and well in Crossford , and here to  help you  !!!“.  

The young  kids of Crossford  had a ball playing the golf game and will evolve into  young Rory McIroys of the future.They loved the Lucky Dip devised by Anne, and  there was a very good harvest of  email addresses from local “community minded” folk  who accompanied the kids  and may wish to join Rotary in similar fun adventures.

There is NO other way to interact with the community than “to  get on down and dirty “ and having a chat with them at a neutral venue.  Thank you so much to the teams who battled with the “erections” and the “deflations” (of the tent!) in gale force winds, and the golf game.

I am truly proud of all of you
Alex EW

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