6:10pm Casuals and Curry Evening - Speaker - Rhys Lewis, West Berkshire Council

Mon 8th June 2015

Rhys is the nominated Council support person and works with organisations such as Friends of Young Carers West Berkshire to provide invaluable support to local youngsters who care for a relative on a daily basis.


Friends of Young Carers West Berkshire is a local charity that supports youngsters who undertake the day to day care of a parent, sibling or loved one. They undertake to put some fun back into their childhood.

Take a look at what they do and the variety of support they provide to young carers.

And if you have about 45 mins to spare, take a look at this Chanel 5 Documentary that looks at life through a young carer's eyes.

On the evening, Rhys will be accompanied by a young carer.