Margaret Kirkwood - Scotland/Malawi Partnership

Thu 5th February 2015

Margaret Kirkwood will talk this evening on the Scotland - Malawi Partnership

Margaret has enjoyed a long and varied career in secondary teaching and teacher education. She gained her doctorate in education and computing science at the University of Glasgow in 1998. She has been president of the Scottish Educational Research Association and Secretary General of the European association.

The award of a visiting scholarship at Harvard University Graduate School of Education enabled Margaret to participate in an international research project on Visible Thinking, an approach to learning and teaching which is intended to foster curiosity, and the dispositions to search for deeper understanding and the truth, and to be open-minded and fair. It should enable young people to express their own ideas clearly and well.

It is this project which Margaret had the opportunity to share recently in Malawi as part of the Scotland-Malawi partnership, and which she will speak about. She will tell of her experiences there and also relate an inspiring community-led educational programme.