Handover June 2014

President Ewan Archibald takes over from Donald Mackay

President Ewan Archibald takes over from Donald Mackay
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Ewan Archibald was installed as President of the Rotary Club of West Fife on Tuesday 24th June 2014. On behalf of the club new President Ewan thanked Donald as he demitted office after he served his second term as President and another excellent year as President.

"Donald has led us through the year, most efficiently at our club meetings. He has attended meetings at district and area on our behalf.

"Donald has also directed us through many of the activities we have all enjoyed.  Most notably our recent Charter Dinner, and of course  his piping at our Burn's supper back in January.

"With a fine mix of humour, he has kept us informed on the club events and activities. "I would also like to say thanks to his wife, Ann who has of course played her part during the year, and no doubt has had to listen to Donalds thoughts around Rotary matters.

"Anyway Donald you have carried out you duties as President in a fair and professional manner, and I am sure I speak for all in our club when I say a big thank you to you, for your year as our club President. "Finally I think too that our thanks should also recognise that you have been our President previously and deserve a hearty good applause for all you have done in your Presidency in the past year and before. "Fellow Rotarians please join me in thanking Donald."

Donald Mackay made the following comment before handing the chain of office to Ewan:-

 "I would like to thank every member and partner for their support during this last year. Although we are a small Club we have been very active. Bowling, BBQ, Caravan and Cameron House weekends, theatre, visits to the aircraft carrier and the police, our Burns and Christmas events, golf, football, rugby, Children in Need, Am/Am Golf, Kids Out, Rotary Suppers, FTSE100, RYLA, beach clean up, Primary School Quiz, Woodmill High School link etcetera , etcetera.
"Each and everyone of you have contributed to and been involved in at least one and in some cases all of the above activities. Thanks for joining in. A special thanks to everyone who made these activities possible. Stuart, Alastair and all of the Convenors for leading the Club through the last year. Thanks to Ewan for his great support  and to Barry for playing his part in succession planning."

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