Kasanka Project Update

An update on the Clubs Kasanka project

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Here is a report http://www.rotary-ribi.org/upimages/clubfiles/1145//REPORT%20FROM%20KASANKA%20IN%20RESPECT%20OF%20THE%20BOREHOLE%20FUNDED%20BY%20THE%20ROTARY%20CLUB%20OF%20CARLISLE%20SOUTH.docx 

from Ellen Munn on how our project is going in Kasanka, Zambia.

It makes fascination reading especially item 4 which starts "The water supply from this borehole is something most people can only dream about"

When we worry about whether flouride is added to our water or if it looks a little off colour it takes a second or two to realise the significance of that statement. For the first time, water is direct and clean, not needing to be boiled before consumption and not contaminated.

More evidence of:

ROTARY, serving OUR community.

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