Report of Foundation-International Committee AGM 2013


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No formal meetings of the Committee were held during the course of the year. Hospitalisation , house selling ,house buying ,house removal ,house renovation(still ongoing ) and the usual family commitments have all taken their toll of my time.

 The Curry lunch did not take place and not much research was conducted into new projects.

 However there are always ongoing projects and requirements within Foundation and International and so it possible for the Club to support these.

 SHELTERBOX. Support for Haiti was given in the past and Haiti remains the poorest country in the world and with the Syrian conflict support is being given by them through Lebanon and Jordan.

 WATER AID.As promoted by the late Willie Halcrow ,to provide a supply of clean water is probably the most fundamental and influential thing to do to improve human lives.

 FOUNDATION .There was a District Assembly on 28th April which I was unable to attend but up to date information on new grants etc will be sought.

 POLIO PLUS .This global project started in 1985(origins going back to1979) and I remember thinking at the time what a fantastic aspiration It epitomises the essence of Rotary .There is a Rotary Crocus Campaign which is being evaluated.

 MICROLOAN SCOTLAND .This is a project in which Alex Evan Wong is involved as Director Scotland .It provides financial support to women in poverty in Malawi .The Club has given tentative collaborative support ,no financial support is required.

 ETHIOPIA LINK .At a presentation  to the Club by Jim Seddon ,the function of this charity was described , viz., the provision of a safe home ,access to education , food and clothing for a number of children around Addis Ababa .This charity was felt to be deserving of the Club