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The Rotary Foundation is the base of what we do and, worldwide, enables Rotary Clubs to achieve amazing projects to help those in need.

In addition to making regular contributions to the Rotary Foundation overall to assist world-wide, we have been particularly supporting the Foundation in 'End Polio Now', a project started over 20 years ago by Rotary International with the aim of eradicating the polio disease which causes such hardship, particularly in poorer countries.  This project is also supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which contributes $2 to every $1 raised by Rotary International's members;  eradication of polio in India, a formerly endemic country is almost a certainty now - but efforts still have to be made within other strife-torn countries.

We are also currently involved with leading a project to outfit an operating theatre in Sierra Leone  -  the operating theatre, at present, is there but not equipped.  The theatre is supposed to cater for children and there is ONE CONSULTANT SURGEON - who doesn't have the facilties needed.

Additionally, we support:

Shelterbox - a well known project and one which is absolutely invaluable in countries that suffer catastrophes.


Sand Dams - a much lesser known project which is of immense value in making water, and therefore, vegetation available in countries that have little resources.

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