Guest speaker Rachel Levy

Guest speaker Rachel Levy "On being a holocaust survivor"

Rachel Levy


This week has markes the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the biggest death camp set up by Nazi Germany to exterminate Jews. It is also Holocaust Day on the 27 January.

The Holocaust was the systematic murder of Jews by Hitler's Nazi Germany during the Second World War.

Rachel Levy, is a holocaust survivor who lived in silence for many years unable to talk of the horror she witnessed and the terror she felt. However she now speaks to groups of children and we are very privileged to have her as our guest speaker on this date.

Rachel is to address our Club members, Interact members from Prendergast school and the Bromley 41 Club, to speak of her experiences during this period of her life and how it has affected her.

The number of survivors who can tell their stories is dwindling and some of those still cannot speak about their trauma. For those people who experienced the horror of the camps first hand, it is an atrocity the world must never forget...