Club Bulletins

What we have been up to.... We write a monthly 'newsletter' highlighting some of the things we have done in the previous month. Looking back over The Bulletins gives a historical record of the club's activities

PRESIDENT BRIAN SIMMS                  

September 2019

July 2019
August 2019

PRESIDENT MORRIS POOLE              2018-2019                                 
 May 2019
 June 2019
 March 2019
 April 2019
January 2019 February 2019
November 2018 December 2018
September 2018 October 2018
 July 2018  August 2018

PRESIDENT JACQUIE WILLOUGHBY 2017-2018                                 
May 2018 June 2018
March 2108 April 2018
January 2018 February 2018
November 2017 December 2017
September 2017 October 2017
July/August 2017

PRESIDENT ROBIN CROSLEGH         2016-2017                                  

November Bulletin 2016.pdf
/October Bulletin 2016 .pdf September Bulletin 2016.pdf
August Bulletin 2016 pdf July Bulletin 2016 pdf

PRESIDENT MARTIN CHANCE           2015-2106                                   
June Bulletin 2016 .pdf May Bulletin 2016 pdf
April Bulletin 2016 .pdf March Bulletin 2016 .pdf
February Bulletin 2016.pdf January Bulletin 2016 pdf
December Bulletin 2015.pdf November Bulletin 2015 pdf
October Bulletin 2015 .pdf September Bulletin 2015.pdf
August Bulletin 2015 pdf July Bulletin 2015 .pdf

PRESIDENT DAVID OGLE                   2014-2015                                    
June Bulletin 2015.pdf May Bulletin 2015 .pdf
April Bulletin 2015 .pdf March Bulletin 2015 pdf
Feb Bulletin 2015.pdf January Bulletin 2015.pdf
December Bulletin 2014.pdf November Bulletin 2014 .pdf
October Bulletin 2014 .pdf September Bulletin 2014.pdf
August Bulletin 2014.pdf July Bulletin 2014 .pdf

PRESIDENT: HENRY HARTLEY          2013-2014                                    
June Bulletin 2014.pdf May Bulletin 2014.pdf
April Bulletin 2014.pdf March Bulletin 2014.pdf
February Bulletin 2014.pdf January Bulletin 2014.pdf
December Bulletin 2013.pdf November Bulletin 2013.pdf
October Bulletin 2013.pdf September Bulletin 2013.pdf
August Bulletin 2013.pdf July Bulletin 2013.pdf