Club History

The Rotary Club of Whitley and Monkseaton 11.10.1923
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The first photograph of the Rotary Club of Whitley and Monkseaton

11.10.1923 Waverly Hotel  ( Rex )  Whitley Bay

The picture was presented to the club by Mrs Charles Nicolson Widow of Nicholsons The Butchers in Whitley Bay 


Back Row

Standing in Front



Mr S A Smith

Mr J R Coates

County Alderman Albert Briggs     ( Past President 1936 - 1937 )

Mr H D Jackson

Mayor / Councillor A E Walton

Mr W S Rolls

Mr A J Rousell  ( former County Borough Surveyor )

Mr P Siger

Mr A Y Steel

Mr Stewart

Mr C Nicholsen

Mr J Dobson

Mr A McCaw

Mr A Barker     ( Founder Vice President )

Mr R Carling

Mr W A Barnett     ( Founder President, Past President 1923 - 1926 )

Mr R M Sharp     ( Past President 1946 - 1947 )

Mr R Bone     ( Past President 1928 - 1929 )

Mr T S Hetely     ( Past President 1931 - 1932, 1941 - 1942 )

Mr W A Laws     ( Founder Secretary, Past President 1926 - 1928 )

Mr Scott


Dr J B Patterson     ( Past President 1930 - 1931 )


Mr F Smith



Founder Members absent from the photograph ;

 A W Golightly     ( Past President 1929 - 1930 )

R H Newton

J W Slack 


In August 1923, under the auspices of the Rotary Club of Newcastle upon Tyne, an interesting meeting was held at the Waverley Hotel in Whitley Bay  ( now known as Rex Hotel ).  After some discussion it was proposed that a Club would be formed in Whitley Bay, to be known as the 'Rotary Club of Whitley and Monkseaton'.


The first lunch meeting was held at the Waverley hotel on 01.10.1923  at a cost of 2s 6d, and the first Ladies Night was held on 04.12.1923 with a double ticket costing 7s 6d.  the speaker was Miss Irene Ward MP.


In March 1924 the Club Charter was presented to the Club at a function attended by Rotarians and their wives, tickets 3s 6d.


The entrance fee to the Club was 2 Guineas and the annual subscription was 1/6 Guineas.  Badges cost 2s 6d.





Twenty men from all walks of life were Founder Members of the Club, and since then many local business and professional men have been members of the Rotary Club and given service to the local community and served Rotary at District, National and International level.


To cover the history of the Club since its foundation would fill a large volume and some years had incomplete records, but the following highlights the past 90 years to give a flavour of Rotary in Whitley Bay ;


Over the years the Club has been involved in, and played an active part in, local, national and international projects  -  some