Sep 2013 Peace Talks and Debate with Sixth Form students

Mon 23rd September 2013 at 09.00 - 17.00

A series of events at various schools throughout the day with Rich Allison, Rotary Peace Scholar from Liberia, and culminating in a inter-schools debate on 3 Human Rights themed topics. Introductions by Rtn Mike Smith (IPP).

The Leys School Magasine Report - Autumn 2013

Audience are very welcome to come to listen to the Debate.

Parking on the Leys School site is available (off the Fen Causeway, Cambridge).

The timetable of the day :

Monday          9.15 to 10.15am         Impington VI Form                 Talk and discussion with students

                       10.50am to12.20pm    Long Road VI Form               Talk and discussion with students

                        1.00 to 2.00pm           Stephen PerseVI Form          Talk and discussion with students

                        4.30 to 7.30pm          The Leys School Great Hall   Debate between 6 schools teams

The three Debate topics :

This house believes that punishing wrongdoers is fundamental to securing lasting peace.

Proposed by Impington VI Form and Opposed by Long Road VI Form.

This house believes that military intervention in a country's civil war is rarely, if ever,

justified and never successful in bringing lasting peace.

Proposed by Parkside VI Form and Opposed by Hills Rd VI Form.

This house believes that so called anti-social behaviour is usually young people having

a good time and does little harm.

Proposed by The Leys School VI Form and Opposed by Comberton VI Form.

The Judges - Jen Little, Dr Britt Baillie-Warren and Rich Allison.

Teams are marked out of 100. Each debate lasts 45min.  Refreshments available.

The debates were very lively, thoughtful and well prepared and the Judges found it very hard to decide on a winner. The Comberton Sixth Form are to be highly congratulated on becoming overall Winners, with The Leys Sixth Form second and Hills Road Sixth Form third. Everyones certificates were presented by main organiser and adjudicator Rtn Mike Smith who was delighted with the quality and enthusiasm of the teams.

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