Details of the Charity Aquabox and our involvement

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The Club is hoping that our previous commitment to this project will continue, and we can carry on helping people in desperate need following natural (or man-made)disasters.Gateways School, Harewood, Leeds, has helped us for many years by filling boxes purchased by the Club, and we are hoping to continue with this  arrangement . As a token of The Club's appreciation of the School's efforts, the School was presented with a Glass Award (in the shape of a diamond) on 16th May 2013 .This was received by Mrs Jane Foster, the teacher who co-ordinates the students' efforts.

Aquabox is changing, the current preferred method of support is to buy an AQUABOX GOLD, at a cost of £120 to be filled by the Aquabox staff with a consistant inventory of  new items in order to get over the increasing difficulties over import/export arrangements for many countries. On 16th May 2013, Past District Governor of District 1220, Rotarian Gordon McGlone (one of the original founders of this organisation) came to our Club to tell us the history of Aquabox, including a demonstration of the new water filter (and, yes, Gordon did drink the filtered water!). He told us of the increasing difficulties of getting the boxes past Customs and other regulatory bodies, which are usually overcome if a standard set of box contents is certified on the Manifest attached to the box. Aquabox has been working with many Aid Agencies and has agreed an essential list of box contents.