District Quiz - home to Eyemouth

Thu 21st November 2013

Eleven members of Eyemouth Club paid us a visit to support their team in the District Quiz, but first they had to endure our Special General Meeting.

Normally the Duns Club's third meeting of the month is a quiet affair where minor matters of busines are discussed and there's plenty of relaxed socialising. On 21st November it was much more exciting. We had a mass visit of 11 members from Eyemouth, our original sponsoring club, who added a great deal to the conviviality of the evening and also participated in the next round of the District Quiz.

First, though, they had to endure our Special General Meeting, where last year's accounts are considered and questioned and where next year's main office bearers are elected.  Fortunately Duns members were on good behaviour and didn't raise any awkward questions on the accounts, nor were there any competitive ballots for the 2014 office bearers.  After a remarkable short period of time Dave McLuckie found himself confirmed as next year's President, Ian Gaston, his Vice President, John Marjoribanks his Secretary (creating a vacancy as Publicity Officer) and Harry Mark, his Treasurer (second year in post).  Congratulations to all concerned.

Then on with the Quiz.  The teams of four - each club's cerebral gladiators - lined up, buzzers at the ready, scorers' pencils sharp, and tried to deal with the questions handed out to them by Quizmaster David Maclean, formerly of Berwickshire High School and well equipped to deal with any unruly behaviour.  Of course, there was none.

The right and wrong answers came fairly equally from both sides until the final 'quickfire' round where Duns finally edged ahead to win a fairly low scoring but exciting and entertaining contest by the margin of 20 points to 16.  Well done the Dingers and well played the Coastal Brigade.

Onwards to the next round!