Sep 2013 Peace Events then Dinner

Tue 24th September 2013 at 19.00 - 22.00

Rich gave talks in schools to start the day then at a dinner at the University Arms Hotel for members, partners and guests - Cambridge Club Charter Dinner. Dinner was followed by a talk and debate on the theme of Human Rights and World Peace.

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The Peace events timetable today :

Tuesday      9.30 to11.30am           at Netherhall VI Form             Talk and discussion with students

                    1.15 to 4.30pm            at Parkside VI Form                  Workshop with students

                     7.00pm                       at the University Arms Hotel     Cambridge Charter Dinner

The dinner follows on from the great success of a similar event last year :

        Tues 24th September 2013    6.30 for 7.00pm, University Arms Hotel, Cambridge
        Theme - HUMAN RIGHTS.

This meeting included dinner (Black tie or lounge suit) and included a 15-minute presentation by each of our three speakers. This was followed by a Discussion.

Speakers - Professor Michael Langford, Rich Allison, Liesbeth ten Ham

Mike Langford will consider: what are human rights? on what are they based? are they inalienable?
Rich Allison will reflect on abuses against human rights.
Lisbeth ten Ham will present the perspective of Amnesty International.

Speaker Biographies :
Michael Langford is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Ethics, teaching part-time in the Faculty of Divinity Cambridge University. He studied philosophy at Oxford, where he was a pupil of both Isaiah Berlin and Stuart Hampshire, and gained his PhD in Philosophy at King's College, London. He was Chaplain to Queens' College,Cambridge (1959 - 1963), and Professor of Philosophy at The
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada and subsequently Professor of Medical Ethics in the Medical School there (1967 - 1996).

Richelieu (Rich) Marcel Allison is a Rotary Peace Scholar (studying for a Masters degree) at
University of Bradford (one of 6 universities in the world which, collectively, offer 60 Rotary Peace
Scholarships each year). Rich was a victim of the conflict in his native Liberia, has since been involved in Human Right advocacy and peace building for the last 15 years. He founded the West African Youth Network to mobilize youth across West Africa to engage in activities relating to human rights, peace building, conflict resolution and youth empowerment. He participated in the Rotary Peace Program in Bangkok, Thailand in 2006.

Liesbeth ten Ham, originally from the Netherlands, is chair of Amnesty International Cambridge

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