Membership Convenors Report to 2013 Club Assembly

Club Assembly 11th June 2013

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The success of the Club is all down to the membership.  Everything the Club does, whether it is fundraising, fellowship, helping the community, or even the success of the weekly meetings, is all down to the members of the Club.  To continue the successful running and enjoyment of the club, we need to maintain that membership.  Our club, like many Rotary clubs, has an ageing membership, so we need to redress that situation.  We need new members to join our club!!


Now that we are about to relocate to our new meeting place at the Keavil House Hotel in Crossford, to what many of our membership feel is back to our home in 'West Fife,' we should be able to hopefully recruit new members.  We don't compete with any of our fellow clubs in the area, as we are the only club that offers a weekly evening meeting.  The excellent facilities and surroundings offered by the Keavil Hotel should be an incentive to bring new people in.


We have a strong membership team for next Rotary year and we will be meeting regularly to plan our strategy for attracting new members.  Already some suggestions have come in.


Maintain a high profile in the Community.

Increase Press coverage.

Handouts at Public events.

Bring a neighbour along one night.

Bring a friend along one night.

Rotary Club of West Fife welcome signs at major entry points in the town.

Rotary Planters at the Railway Station.


We are also aware of our need to bring more Lady Members into the Club. If we could get one or two more to join, I think we could increase our club membership by quite a bit.


Although we are the Membership Team, everyone in the club should be encouraged to help with recruitment.  The members who have joined in the past year are playing an important role in the club and they should broaden our appeal in the community. They will have a different circle of friends who could be potential members.


We are looking forward to the next Rotary Year and I have set not just my team, but the whole club a target of increasing membership.  The target is 3 new members for next Rotary Year.


I would ask all the members of The Rotary Club of West Fife to help us acheive that goal.


Alan J Farquharson   Membership Convenor   2013/2014.