Comunity & Vocational

Community & Vocational Committee

The aims and objectives of our group within the club is as follows:

Community: To engage with the local community and its representatives in order to learn more about public and charitable community services and to identify needs which might benefit from Rotary help.

Vocational: To familiarise ourselves with local businesses and services, meet with local employers, maintain contact with local educational establishments, and promote opportunities for local training and employment.

Plans for 2017 - 18:

  • The Committee intends to press ahead with support for Rotakids in local schools. The first Rotakids Club sponsored by North Down Rotary has now begun in West Winds Primary School, Newtownards. 
  • For some years the Club has maintained a picnic and barbecue area on the coastal path at Crawfordsburn which it created and this will be continued.
  • The Club will be co-operating wth the Rotary Club of Bangor on the Memory Tree Project at a suitable site in Bangor at Christmas.
  • The Club will be continuing to support the Joly Rider Bicycle Project. 

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