CLUB ROTAS 2019 Parkinson ; Food Bank ; Driving for Disabled ; Memory Cafe


Parkinson's Hub            


Jan 3rd                           Chris Barton

Feb 7th.                         John Simpson

Mar 7th.                         Brian Reeve-Fowkes

Apr 4th                          Chris Tyack

May 2nd.                       John Reynolds

June 6th.                       Brian Reeve-Fowkes

July 4th.                        David Crossley

August 8th.                    NO meeting

September 3rd.              Chris Tyack

October 3rd.                  Chris Barton

November 7th.               Derek Collins

December 5th.               Meeting ELSEWHERE


January 2nd.                 John Simpson

February 6th                 John Reynolds

March 2nd                    Brian Reeve - Fowkes

Rota co- ordinator Brian Reeve- Fowkes

  Steve Horne has kindly agreed to stand in when members are unable to arrange alternative covers


      ( last TUESDAY of each month)

Last Tuesday morning of each month. Collections to be delivered to Highertown Church Hall no later than 10.00hrs

Will members decide between themselves who will collect from Tesco and Sainsbury's stores


January 29th.              B R-Fowkes  & D Crossley

February 26th.            R Uren & D Nixon

March 26th.                M Hoar.  & D Collins

April 30th.                   M Robson & John Reynolds

May 28th.                   B R-Fowkes & R Uren

June 25th.                  D Crossley & D Collins

July 30th.                    M Hoar & J Reynolds



usually 2nd Thursday of each month - contact Tony Dyson

Disabled Club President - Mrs Ann Chettle tel 01872 223048

Co-ordinator Betty Jewel   01872 279022

1st driver contacts Betty on above no. on the preceding day to obtain the names adresses,timing and venue.He should then contact Driver no 2 to agree who is driving whom

                           1ST DRIVER                   2ND DRIVER


Jan.                  Chris Tyack                              Richard Uren

Feb.                  Tony Dyson                             Steve Horne

March.              John Simpson                         David Crossley

April.                 Chris Barton                           Richard Uren

May 9th            Tony Dyson                            Brian Reeve-Fowkes

June 13th.        Chris Tyack.                            David Crossley

July 11th.         David Nixon.                           John Simpson

August 8th.      Steve Horne.                           Brian Reeve-Fowkes

September 7th. Tony Dyson.                           Richard Uren


Unless specified, events are in the Village Hall in Tresillian Collect from 1330 to deliver by 1400hrs (1430 at the latest .Ascertain return collection time on that day

Members finding that they are unable to carry out duty on any dates given are kindly requested to arrange a swop directly with another member Thanks


         MEMORY CAFE 2018

This is held on the second and fourth Fridays in the month at the Higher Town Churh Hall from 1.15 - 3.45pm Please arrive by 1245 to help prepare the room .If you are unable to carry out your duty on the date allocated , please arrange a swop directly with another volunteer from the  attached list


Jan 11th                           Chris Barton                 Chris Bryce

Feb 8th                             John Simpson              David Crossley

Feb 22nd.                          David Nixon.                Chris Bryce

March 8th.                        Chris Barton                Jeff Baker

March 22nd                     Mike Robson                Jennie Reed

April 12th.                         John Reynolds              Brian Reeve - Fowkes

April 26th.                          Chris Barton                 David Crossley

May 10th.                           Chris Bryce.                 Jeff Baker

May 24th.                           John Simpson.             David Nixon

June 14th.                          Jennie Reed.                Mike Robson

June 28th.                         John Simpson.             John Reynolds

July 12th.                           Chris Barton.                David Crossley

July 26th.                           Chris Bryce.                 Brian Reeve- Fowkes

Aug 9th.                              David Nixon.        Mike Robson.     John Reynolds

Aug 23rd.                          Steve Horne.         Jeff Baker.           David Crossley

Sept 13th.                         Jennie Reed.         John Simpson.      Brian Reeve- Fowkes

Sept 27th.                         Chris Barton.         Tony Dyson.        Chris Bryce

Oct 11th.                           John Reynolds.     Jeff Baker.        John Simpson

Oct 25th.                           David Nixon.          David Crossley.    Chris Barton

Nov 8th.                           Jennie Reed.          Mike Robson.        Chris Bryce

Nov 22nd.                         Steve Horne.          David Crossley.     John Simpson

Dec 13th ( Party).              Brian R- Fowkes.   Jeff Baker.             Mike Robson

Dec 27th.                            No cafe


Jan 10th.                         David Nixon.            Jennie Reed.         Jeff Baker

Jan 24th.                          Chris Bryce.             Tony Dyson.          Chris Barton