Business Meeting inc Presentation on Microloans Malawi

Tue 8th January 2013

Note there will be a 10 minute presentation by Alex Evan-Wong on a proposed International project. There will also be a New Member induction.

On Tuesday 8th January, our first meeting of the new year we had 22 members present.
I was very pleased to be able to conduct the admission ceremony of Fraser Greenwood who was sponsored by Alex Even-Wong. Fraser's classification is Business Management. We look forward to Fraser's contribution and participation in the business of our club.
Prior to this Alex had given a brief presentation on the subject of a Microloans project for Malawi.
Cliff provided an update on the FTSE competition which is now up and running with significant gains already being made, by some.
I made an announcement about one of the most important events in our Rotary year, namely our clubs' Charter Dinner which is to be held at Garvock House Hotel on the 7th June.
Arrangements are at an early stage but I can advise / confirm Brian Donald is to be a guest speaker.
The information below is taken in-part from Brian's web site:-
"Brian is a born-and-bred Glaswegian