Peace and Conflict Forum

Tue 5th March 2013

Four excellent speakers with first hand experience of conflict stimulated questions and discussion by groups of school pupils and Rotaract students


Maureen Jack from St Andrews who regularly works in Palestine getting childeren to school and through check points.

Supal Desai is an Indian lady working with the United Nations helping Afganistan women deal with problems associated with the Taliban.  She is also has experience of the Hindu/Muslim tensions in India.

Elnura Sulaimanova from Kyrgstan where two large ethnic populations have found difficulties living together since the fall of the Soviet Union.  Elnura works mainly trying to integrate women and young people.

Geethanjali Selvaretnam is a Tamil from Sri Lanka who lived there in the troubles of the 1980s and 1990s.  She was even bombed by her own people.  She has experienced the flight of her family, many of who now live abroad.


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