Bathavon Rotary Club Magazine

B&T is the Club magazine of the Bathavon Rotary Club with details of our upcoming programme of events and reports of all Club activities

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August 2012 p1 :/upimages/clubfiles/1194//B & T Aug 2012 p1.pdf

August 2012 p2: /upimages/clubfiles/1194//B & T Aug 2012 p2.pdf

November 2012 p1:/upimages/clubfiles/1194//B & T Nov 2012 pg1.pdf

November 2012 p2: /upimages/clubfiles/1194//B & T Nov 2012 pg2.pdf

January 2013 p1:/upimages/clubfiles/1194//B&T 2013 no.124 pg1.pdf

January 2013 p2: /upimages/clubfiles/1194//B&T 2013 no.124 pg2&3.pdf

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