2012 Burton Agnes Sports Club Evening

Mon 25th June 2012

Evening of fun - Bowls, Archery, and Grub!

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Gather at Burton Agnes Bowling Green @ 6PM

Split into 2 groups - Group 1 would play Bowls with coaching available, group 2 would do Archery with fiull tuition

After an hour the groups would change over, so everyone would do both sports

When the sports have finished, say 8-30 to 9 pm to allow for changeovers, we would be fed in the new village hall, pie & peas, curry and/or a buffet - the hall is not licenced, but we could bring our own drink. & would finish at say 10-30pm

We would be limited to 40 people, but would need to commit to a minimum of 30

The cost would be 10 per head - including all tuition, 2 hours of sports and food

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