Speaker Programme

The speaker programme is at the heart of our social activities

Interesting people, lively discussion, stylish restaurant

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Stimulating speakers are at the heart of our activities. At least twice a month we invite someone to give a talk and lead our discussion. These expert speakers help us become better informed citizens and guide our efforts to "put something back" into the world. We deal with serious topics but always in a light-hearted and positive manner.

We discuss local and international topics. Our speakers have included politicians from the House of Lords,the Commons, the European Parliament, local councils and the Civic Federation. We have heard from the local police inspector and a senior officer from the Met. Others come from the world of science, business, international aid and the churches. Our quarterly literary dinners are very popular.

Like all Rotary clubs, we welcome people of all faiths and political views (or none) and although as individuals we may hold strong views, it is our convention not to discuss denominational or party political issues. We encourage a spirit of enquiry, openess and tolerance for other views.

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