A beginners guide to bee keeping by Tim Pocock

A beginners guide to bee keeping by Tim Pocock

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Tim Pocock gave the club a fascinating inside into the life of a bee hive and a novice bee keeper! Some of the facts we learnt were:-

How many type of Bee are in a Honey Bee colony?
Three  - a single queen, thousands of female workers and in the summer hundreds of male drones. The drone bee does no work and in the early autumn they are evicted by the workers and die.

What Does The Queen Bee Do?
The major purpose of the queen is to lay eggs. During April and May she lays day and night over 2000 eggs a day, more than her own body weight. The queen mates only once and holds sufficient sperm from the male drones to lay eggs for 3-5 years, incidentally the drone bee dies in the process which must come as a major disappointment for him.

How long does a bee live?
In the summer a worker bee only lives for about 40 days. As no young are raised over the winter months, the workers born in the autumn will live until the following spring. A queen can live up to 5 years however for the beekeeper a queen is past her prime in her third year.

How do bees share out all the jobs in the hive?
When a worker bee is born it