2007- Minibus for S.A. Aids Hospice

Successful Matching Grant Project

Rotary Matching Grant 63588 - Minibus handed over November 2007

House of the Resurrection Aids Haven

Port Elizabeth South Africa 

Funny how things work out sometimes. A simple question asked about 5 years earlier has led to Rotary providing much needed support to a Hospice for individuals (mainly children) with HIV/AIDS through Rotary International's matching grant scheme.

One of our members, retired vicar Rtn Rev Doug Jones, asked a member of USPG (Anglicans in World Mission), the Rev Geoff Lowson, what could we do to help people in Africa with HIV/AIDS? The name of the House of the Resurrection Aids Haven just outside Port Elizabeth, (PE) South Africa, a hospice for people dying of AIDS, was mentioned as being in need of help. 

After some research, and contact with the Rotary Club of Port Elizabeth in South Africa, sufficient funds were raised along with a Global Matching Grant from the Rotary Foundation for a minibus ambulance to be provided for the hospice, and some of the wards to be upgraded.