International Team

Raising cash for the world's disasters

Rotary Club of Newmarket                             International Team


                              Rotarian Ray Black - Team Leader

The International Team, for the fforth coming Rotary year, contains experienced Rotarians; with many years of service, dealing with international projects and disasters.

They have in the past supported various projects based in Africa and will be reviewing whether to renew support or consider new projects on different continents.

The Team will continue to respond to international disasters, by funding water survival boxes.  These boxes contain items to enable survivors, to cook, provide for themslves with clean drinking water, tools and equipment to aid heath, hygiene, shelter and survival.

The Team. are rightly proud of their history of organising themed fund raising evenings, and there are more planned during the new Rotary year.

If you would like to help contact Hon Sec on 01638 577619 or email

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