Interested in Rotary? Want to know more?

How to be part of Rotary? Just ask!

Ally, who was a Global scholar at Portobello, and her mentor, Stuart.

Do you want to ... ?

Meet new people and find new friends

Make a difference in your community

Improve your social life

Fundraise to help people in need

Develop new skills

Have fun and enjoying yourself

Try something new

So come and visit ...

The club meets at the King's Manor Hotel, 100 Milton Road East, on Wednesday evenings, 6.15pm, meeting at the Reception desk for a meal together, chat and a talk or quiz.

Then we meet some weekends to explore the cafes of Portobello and district - just an informal chat and drink, conversation about anything at all!

And we help with community events to do our bit for the community, as well as work on more international projects and fundraise.

And then we go out on the town to hear music, see theatre, just enjoy ourselves.

And of course, we're very tempted to go to fundraising events at other Rotary clubs, which are very often great fun.

If you want to know more ...

Contact me. I'm Jenny, and because I'm relatively new to Rotary, I know exactly what it's like hesitating about visiting a new club and wondering how it will be (well, I can answer that immediately: very friendly and welcoming!)

You can reach me by  mobile on 0796 144 6904 (just evenings and weekends, sorry - I don't tend to have cover in the day time, though I might be able to see texts, depending on where I am).

Or if you want to know more about the Portobello club or Rotary in genearal,  try emailing me: I check this about four times a day, so should get back to you quite quickly. If I don't know the answer, I'm sure I can find someone who can.