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Keswick International  Committee  ; 2015 /16 Rotary Year

Second Sight

In October we sent a cheque for £3,010 to the Charity, £1,400 from  our International Supper Evening held at Portinscale Village Hall, the balance from other fund raising efforts and the generosity of the Furness Club - £500, and Penrith £200 following presentations to their Clubs.
It also appeared that following a presentation at Preston South they sent a contribution of £540 direct to the Charity.
In January, John Howell very kindly stood in for me to give a presentation at Workington Derwent Rotary Club raising a further £500 for Second Sight.

We have been instrumental in Second Sight receiving £4,050 during this past Rotary year.

School Aid

With the assistance of this Charity we sent a further consignment of about 25,000 pencils to S.Africa ( approx 5 miles worth !) to be distributed by our contacts there to worthy and deserving black school children.
We received photos confirming distribution to the children and these have been circulated.

Mgebisa School

The Club again approved a donation of £425 to purchase seed for their vegetable garden which is a major component in providing many of the children with their only meal of the day !
Due to a technical hitch resulting in a delay at this end in wiring the money – this was increased by the generosity of a member to £525


In addition to the ongoing supervision of this microfinance project (The Million Birr project started in 2013 received District and Global Matching Grants raised over $60K), the coffee seedling project is well under way, the agricultural supervisor is astride his motorbike (provided by this Club), the students are able to have sustainable  light to assist them  whilst doing their homework (provided by this Club) and the grinding mill is now fully operative with its recent connection to power and also an access road.
JH and Joe Homan are planning a further visit to check on progress later this year.
JH is currently experiencing some frustration and delay in receiving the essential banking data etc required for the TRF report, largely due to poor communication, difficult internet reception and only having one English language correspondent in the township.

Philppine Boat Naming

In 2014 in response to a Global Grant project to replace the Typhoon decimated Philippine fishing boat fleet organised by the 2 Workington Clubs  - we contributed £500.
The Appeal aim to replace 80 motorised boats is already half way achieved and we were recently invited to attend not only the naming ceremonies but also to provide a name for ‘our’ boat. After discussion we decided to honour our late P.P. Edgar Appleby – and it has been accepted by the project that the boat is to be named the ‘Rotarian Edgar’ and we have been promised photos of the ceremony.

Joe Homan Trust

In August we repeated our annual contribution of £215 to help support the current young student Jirapong Balram (now in his 10th.standard and likely to remain in the school until 2018), a report from the Charity confirmed his good progress and he hopes to become a graduate mechanical engineer.
The JHC Thailand Boys Town was started in 1989 with the initial support of Keswick Rotarian Terry Duffy and his family.

 Mary’s Meals

During this year this project was finally  awarded a Global Grant status (amounting to $122,222 = £79,000 ) – after considerable delay, we had made a £1,000 donation back in 2012.
The project will provide funding for early childhood development services in 15 community-based childcare centres in Southern Malawi.
The Centres will together provide physical and psychological support to over 3,000 of the most deprived children in Malawi. Additionally the programme will deliver basic numeracy and literacy to the children as well as facilitating a feeding programme and providing clean water and sanitary facilities.

Tea Leaf Trust

Following our £500 donation back in August this year, the Speech Conference took place in September and we have recently received considerable documentation and photographs of the highly successful event at which considerable prominence was given to the fact that the conference was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Keswick. The event was very well supported by the Rotary Club of Colombo ( through whom we now make the donation) and other friends of Tea Leaf Vision, there were four individual speakers and seven group presentations.
The Speech Conference is based on Speech and Advocacy Lessons which help students to make professional speeches and to be a voice to advocate for their own community. The main objectives for the event are to provide proper presentation skills that can be used in any aspect of their professional careers and enable them to be confident in presenting their ideas, opinions and thoughts in English – and to improve their future employment and career prospects

Sand Dams

In November we made our second £500 contribution of our 3 year commitment to this project in Kenya and at that time, 4 dams had been completed  benefiting 8,500people.
By the end of 2015 a total of 26 dams should have been completed - additional funding has been sourced from UK government where they pay for the agricultural needs associated with a dam plus the construction of a further dam - ‘almost buy one – get one free’ !

The April 2015 Nepal earthquake killed over 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000.
Within days of the news of the earthquake disaster the club donated two Shelter Boxes and two Aqua Boxes for immediate relief. These are charities supported internationally by Rotary. Shelter Box provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis. Each Aqua Box contains a water filter to support a community which is capable of producing up to 500,000 litres of pure drinking water from local contaminated water sources.
We decided to follow this up with a street collection and a collection at Booths. It was also agreed to donate monies collected from the two Rotary Wishing Wells during May and June to the Nepal fund.
The street collection and personal donations raised almost £2,500 and monies from the Wishing Wells was over £2000. It was agreed immediately to send a further two Shelter Boxes and two Aqua Boxes for immediate relief. Of the balance it was agreed that £400 would be donated to Tim Mosedale’s Charity ‘Saving Nepal’s Children’, which will support the families of the Sherpas killed during the disaster on Tim’s last expedition to Nepal.
The balance of £2,500 was donated to Community Action Nepal (CAN), a charity set up by Doug Scott, the first British climber to reach the summit of Everest. The charity is locally based in Heskett Newmarket and works in partnership with mountain villages and communities to provide local health, education, income generation, cultural and mountain porter welfare facilities.
In total we donated over £6,200 to the various charities supporting relief  - raised from the generosity of residents and visitors.

Mike Murgatroyd April 2016

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