Foreign Currency to help a Hospice

A great way of dealing with all your left over coins from holidays abroad

For some 10 years now, the Bicester Rotary club has been donating much needed monies to the Katharine House Hospice in Adderbury near Banbury by collecting foreign coins and then selling them to friends who are going on overseas holidays. The scheme was devised and initiated by former Rotarian John Nield, and since its inception, we have donated over £20,000 to the Hospice.
Katharine House provides palliative care to inpatients as well as arranging home visits by their Community Nurse specialists to over 500 patients. Last year it cost about £2 million to run the Hospice services, of which only 38% came from statutory Government funding, leaving the Hospice to raise almost £1.3 million through their own efforts.

How does our scheme work?

◊    We collect foreign coins and banknotes from our friends who have taken holidays abroad and return with a pockfull of leftover small change.
◊    We sort out the coins by country and make up starter packs to the value of £5 or £10, which we then sell to other friends and acquaintances about to go on holiday.

How can you help?

  •     by contributing all your leftover foreign coins and notes to us
  • by buying a starter pack from us before you leave on your holiday

This provides you with small change to pay for porters and taxis when you arrive at your destination.

Packs currently on offer:

  •     many countries in the Far East
  •     Eastern Europe
  •     the Caribbean and South America
  •     some countries in Africa
  •     We also always have packs for the USA, Canada and South Africa and the Mediterranean countries

We will arrange to collect or deliver the money to you. If you can help, please contact