Accrington Rotary Trust Fund

Trust Fund to be used for educational purposes



Accrington Rotary are now the Trustees and administrators of the former Spring Hill Car Club Scholarship Fund which was established to provide financial assistance to students who have completed their further education in North East Lancashire and have moved on to higher education.

Grants are available from the Fund to help students whose course requires them, on occasions, to undertake projects or enterprises which will involve them in some considerable outlay of money which is in addition to their normal higher education expenditure.  This may be, for example, specialist equipment, attendance at a field course, language enrichment visits for modern language students or study visits of various kinds.

These grants are only available to students under the age of 25 when the grant is made.  

Further grants are available to younger people who attend the Rotary RYLA scheme.

RYLA is the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.  RYLA started in Britain a quarter of a century ago, and has been held annually ever since 1986 in our Rotary district. Accrington Rotary works with schools, colleges, youth organisations and employers to select candidates likely to benefit.  The young men or women can be of any religious persuasion, but must be between sixteen and a half, and nineteen years of age on 1st April of the year the course is held.

Over the years 750 young people have benefitted from the course.

The objects of the course are to improve the self-confidence, leadership skills and team working for each participant.  The high proportion of 'outward-bound' type activity is balanced by presentations from outside speakers, discussions and some charity fundraising.

The course is fully residential, held over six days, Sunday to Friday.  Our venue is the Field Studies Council Centre at Castle Head, Grange-over-Sands in South Lakeland.  The staff are all well qualified for their roles, particularly in respect of outdoor activities, and enjoy our full confidence.  We regard both venue and staff as ideal for their purpose.

Terms and conditions apply to the grant of all awards and applications must be made on the appropriate application form obtainable from Accrington Rotary, 1a Brooklyn Road Clayton-le-Dale Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 9PP or  The terms and conditions of the awards scheme will be included with the application form

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