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PR/Communications Convenor: Angus Paterson

Rotary Month - September

We provide news and media information about Rotary (inc.RI, RIBI) and promote the Club's projects and activities by:

  • Promoting Events and Projects in the local press
  • Promoting Events and Projects  by distributing posters etc.
  • Work with East Area Clubs to promote Events and Projects

How do people know what we do and who we are?

1. Internet and web information

Contact: (

2. Personal contact or introduction

3. Newspapers / Press Releases to local newspapers

4. Participate and promote events, inlcuding:

  • Tranent Family Fireworks
  • Gala Events
     Organise and promote our Club events, including:

  • Race Night
  • Coffee Morning
  • Santa's Sleigh
  • Silent Auction

5. Rotary Magazine - RIBI update and reviews

6. All members can be identified by displaying Rotary International Lapel Badges and Car Badges where appropriate and wearing the appropriate Rotary branded clothing 

7. Opportunites to support our work - sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Shelter Box - £495.00
  • Aqua Box - £120.00/£250.00
  • Challenge Enterprise Candidate - £160.00
  • Water Aid - £250.00 

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