Youth Service

We organise Leadership and Public Speaking courses for Secondary school age students. And we organise many competitions for Primary and Secondary Age students.

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Are you a teacher or a pupil, it matters not. Do you know how many competitions and initiatives Rotary run for the benefit of schools and pupils? No?   Then contact us using the browser button at the top of the page and our Youth Opportunities Member will contact you and you can start to enjoy the benefits of being associated with Rotary without being a member!!!

We organise each year:

The Rotary BAE Systems Technology Tournament in March

The Rotary Young Musician competition in November

The Rotary Youth Speaks competition in January

The Rotary Young Artist competition in March

The Rotary Young Photographer competition in February

The Rotary Young Writer competition in April

The Rotary Young Leadership Award - 5 day outward bound leadership course for 16-17 year olds - in July