Students at the Tanzania School with the laptops

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Local Rotary Clubs combine to help a Tanzania School

Over the past few months the Rotary Club of Eyemouth have been helping to facilitate the provision of 10 laptops to the Noonkodin school in Moncluli, Tanzania. Noonkodin was the school the rotary clubs of Eyemouth & District and Dunbar helped to raise funds for the provision a class room and the fixtures and fittings in 2010. Early in June 2013 a group of students from Ellesmere Port Catholic High School were visiting the school and kindly acted as tutors for the laptops during the visit.We will receive feedback from the Ellesmereport students once they are back in school in the autumn and even the possibility of a visit from some Massai tribesman later in the year. The provision of the laptops could only be made possible through some very kind local benefactors, Rotarian David McClymont and an international IT recycling company's staff who refurbished the machines.