2009 Membership Report

Tue 5th May 2009

Convenor Robert Haig's report to the 2009 AGM

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Convenor Robert Haig reported as follows:-I think that the first thing I must say re club membership is, as you are all aware, we have regrettably lost three members during this year. The very sad death of David Bruce has I am sure you will agree, left our club much the poorer. Indeed our thoughts must be with David's wife Rene, during her time in hospital. As we think of Ian Harper and Stephanie as they each recover from their own time in hospital and Stephanie's ongoing treatment.

We also lost Nick Dimeo and more recently Douglas Reid who for their own reasons were unable to continue with their Rotary membership.

Your membership committee has been very busy in trying to identify and invite potential new members to club meetings and as a result of Ken's ongoing efforts we might well have recruited more lady members. However, perhaps as a result of the uncertain times we all are facing just now these ladies have each individually decided to hold off meantime.

On a brighter note, we have been able to recruit one new member and I am delighted that Bob Hamilton has been accepted as a member of this club.

Also following a recruitment and general information article in the local Crossford Chronicle there has been some interest generated, with one potential new member visiting the club last week. However with three of a family aged five and under, the timing for this potential member may be some way off.

So I regret President Neil that we have not been able to meet your membership target, but, overall I remain hopeful that some, if not all of these aforementioned persons will in the future commit to joining our club.