What would YOU do in an EMERGENCY?

Thu 10th November 2016 at 09.15 - 12.30

If you were suddenly faced with an accident, or any other emergency affecting a persons health, how would you respond. The course will be run by the Grange First Responders.

The current intention is to hold one session in the morning but if there is sufficient demand, a second session will be held in the afternoon subject to the demand and availability.

The objective is to offer some advice as to how you should react to any of the following:- Heart attack, Choking, Severe bleeding, Electric Shock, Epileptic Fit, Diabetic Coma, Falls or Fractures to mention just a few of the potentially life-changing, even life-threatening situations that can occur "out of the blue".

The session/s are free to members and their guests and, from previous experience when we have held Defibrillator Training, numbers might have to be limited so, if you are interested, members would be well advised to book your place in the Red Book as soon as possible.

Late and public bookings may be made via the Netherwood Hotel's Reception Desk giving your name, address and telephone number.