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TOP: Members have a conducted tour of St Gregory's Minster at Kirkdale near Kirkbymoorside with church warden Gordon Mellor (pictured 2nd right)

BELOW: Water Station at the Helmsley 10k run


TAKE ACTION and give something back to your local community

Helmsley & District Rotary Club is looking for men and women who can volunteer help to achieve targets of helping deserving causes in the local communities of Helmsley, Kirkbymoorside and surrounding villages and projects internationally. Ask for a leaflet about Rotary International. Telephone 07718 532009 or email rotary@gillamoor.com


Quiz winner

President Laura was the winner in this month's quiz.

See if you can answer the questions below:

Helmsley & District Rotary Club Quiz No.5

1.            Banzai is a battle cry in which language?          

2            Which French philosopher coined the phrase I think, therefore I am?          

3.            Which super model is nicknamed ‘The Body?                      

4.            Which bird, related to the vulture, is the largest flying land bird in the Americas?          

5.            What is the name given to the accolade awarded to the passenger ship that has made the fastest crossing of the Atlantic?          

6.            The wines of which French region include Muscadet and Sancerre?

7.            Which women’s magazine shares its name with the Italian for first?          

8.            Which cheese was invented in Normandy during the French Revolution?          

9.            What is the name of the current leader of North Korea?          

10.             Which beer was advertised as being the cream of Manchester?

11.            In the Indian sub continent, what type of clothing is a shalwar?          

12.            Which city claims to have invented the hotdog in 1487?                      

13.            Where does Manchester 62 Football Club play its home games?

14.            Which outlaw was shot and killed by Robert Ford for a $10,000 reward

15.            In which country are the volcanoes Cotopaxi and Chimborazo?


Happening soon...

Meetings and events happening soon

Monday 25th September 18.30


Report on District Council meeting at York

Monday 2nd October 18.30

Quiz evening - all welcome

Come along. Quiz just for fun. No prizes.

Monday 9th October 18.30

Business meeting

Planning for the future

Monday 16th October 18.30

Outside Visit

Ring for details. 07718 532009

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Rotary Young Citizen Awards

Watch coverage of the 2017 'Rotary Young Citizen Awards', highlighting outstanding young people.

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How Rotary is Funding Polio Immunization in 2017

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Meetings & Venue

Where and when:

Church House
7 High Marketplace
We meet on Mondays at 1830
(Third Monday in the month is an outside visit. Please ring for details 07718532009)
Church House
7 High Marketplace
YO62 6AT