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Helmsley & District Rotary Club is looking for men and women who can volunteer help to achieve targets of helping deserving causes in the local communities of Helmsley, Kirkbymoorside and surrounding villages and projects internationally. Ask for a leaflet about Rotary International. Telephone 07718 532009 or email

Quiz winner

Secretary Stephen was the winner in this month's quiz.

See if you can answer the questions below:

Helmsley & District Rotary Club Quiz No.4


1.         Of which television comedy series is The Green Green Grass a spin off?      

2.         The Gulf of Sirte lies off the coast of which African country?         

3.         In which Swiss city is watchmaker Patek Philippe based?      

4.         In which American state is the wine growing region of Napa Valley?

5.         French term for a menu dish prepared for that day?         

6.         Which pioneering aviatrix flew a plane named Jason from England to Australia in 1930?

7.         On which railway did the locomotive Rocket go into service in 1830?        

8.          What flavour was the first condensed soup to be sold?      

9.         What was the middle name of inventor Thomas Edison?   

10.        What occupation did the apostle Matthew have prior to being called by Jesus? 

11.       Which two composers” surnames combined to make a slang term for drunkenness?

12.         Which 1955 film saw Marilyn Monroe in a dress over a subway grating?


13.         What is the highest mountain in the Alps?

14.         What is the name of the world’s longest railway tunnel?   

15.         How many states in the USA begin with the letter I?


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