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A very warm welcome from President Brian McKay to the Rotary Club of Callander and West Perthshire.

Our club is set within the Trossachs, one of the most beautiful and scenic parts of Scotland.  We are easily accessible from the central belt being just 1hr. from Glasgow and 1hr.20mins.from the centre of Edinburgh. This area is described as "Scotland in Miniature" and visitors to our meetings and events are assured of true Highland hospitality within a scenic setting.

We're For Communities

Rotary is all about helping out in our Communities, whether that be local, national or international.  Find out more by clicking on the link below to view a short video ..... We're For Communities Video

So what does our Rotary Club get up to?

Well, over the coarse of a year, we have a variety of events in our Programme which will ensure the opportunity for socialising, fundraising, community involvement and supporting the wider community of Rotary International. Here are some of the things we get up to

  • Am-Am Charity Golf Competition
  • Sponsored Ben Ledi Walk
  • Burns Night
  • Highland Dancing in the Square
  • Bag Packing at New Year
  • Theatre Visits
  • Junior Highland Games
  • Junior Primary School Quizes

If you're interested in seeing whether Rotary might be for you, click on the 'Join Rotary' link at the top right of this page.

Youth Development in Action - August 2016

One of the key focuses of our Club is to find ways to provide opportunities for young folk in our community to develop their skills and themselves.  One such young person is Innes Bending.  At the age of 16, in 2015, Inness decided that she wanted to 'put something back' and to help others whilst improving herself.  She identified Project Trust and applied to them to be a part of her team.  She was selected to go to Peru to provide social care in an orphangae, later changed to teaching English in an orphanage in Honduras.  However, she had to raise £6,000 through her own initiatives.  She undertook all sorts of fundraising activities, including an approach to our Rotary Club.  We were happy to give a small donation.  Recently, after completing her 12 month stint, Innes (pictured with President Brian McKay) visited our Club to tell us all about it.  She gave a polished and confident presentation and left us all mightily impressed.  From our point of view she proved the benefit of helping young people succeed.  Read more .......

Rotary Comes To The Aid of Gamboura, Cameroon

Gamboura is a village in the remote north of Cameroon and has had a serious drought problem for many years. Thanks to the Rotary Club of St Andrews and many other Rotary clubs in Scotland, including Callander, they now have six working wells in place. 

The population has recently increased hugely by refugees from Nigeria fleeing the terrorist group Boko Haram.    During the dry season (October to June each year), the population has only three functioning surface wells, meaning the women (yes, it’s always the women!) spend hours each day walking many  miles in the heat (up to 50°C) in search of water.  Amongst other problems, resulting from the lack of ready access to clean water, is a high incidence of water borne diseases, particularly affecting children and often fatal.  School attendance is also badly affected and general productivity in the village suffers.

Click here to read the full article and view other pictures of the project.

Bangwe, Malawi

One of the communities we've contributed to helping recently is in Bangwe, Malawi.  Every year Glasgow University arranges for students to provide voluntary service overseas.  Amongst this year's party was Samantha Wallace, daughter of our Senior Vice-President Mark.  In common with the other students Samantha had to raise her own funds to finance her participation.  Activities undertaken included a 24 hour cycle ride, a cocktail night and a sponsored silence (Mark's favourite).  Samantha also approached our club to ask whether we would be willing to provide some sponsorship.  We were pleased to do so and as a result of all these activities, Samantha has been able to help in Bangwe.  She sent us the picture (right) of herself with two enthusiastic assistants.  Well done, Samantha!  We were glad to help!

New Team at the Helm

On Tuesday 21st June 2016, outgoing President, Mark Wallace (left) handed the reins (and the chain) over to new President, Brian McKay (right).  This will be Brian's second stint as President.  Later Brian handed the President Elect chain to Jen Shearer (below).  John Isgrove will carryon as Secretary, while Tony Devine will take on the role of Treasurer.   

New Defibrilator for Trossachs Search & Rescue

Every year we make small donations to local organisations who need a little help.  Last year, amongst many others, we made a donation to the Trossachs Search and Rescue Team (TSRT).  In addition to helping rescue folks in difficulty, TSRT have been placing defibrilators in various locations throughout the Trossachs.  On 9th September this year, they placed their 47th defibrilator in Gartmore.  The location is a refurbished red telephone box and our donation went towrds the cost of the refurbishment.  Along with representatives of many of the organisations who have made donations to TSRT, our our Junior Vice President, Jen Shearer watched on as the box was formally opened. 

Coming Up .... 

Dancing in the Square - 24th to 28th July 2017

This has been an annual event for more years than we care to remember, .  Liz Campbell's young dancers will once again put on a show of Highland Dancing every day from Monday to Friday.  This is always a popular event with Visitors and locals alike  Come along and thrill to the skirl of the pipes, enjoythe enthusiasm oand talent f the dancers and if you feel like it, show your appreciation, not only with applause, but also by putting your hands in your pockets and drop your loose change into our collecting buckets, as we raise money for our Charity Fund.

What have we been up to recently?

These are just a few of the things we've been up to recently ....... click on the links to find out more .....

Coffee and Crafts - Saturday 29th April 2017

Every year for decades, we have run a Coffee Morning in the Kirk Hall, South Church Street.  Last year for the first time, we added a Craft Fair and Lunch to the proceedings and so popular was it, we did it again.  A regular flow of visitors throughout the morning and afternoon, meant that we raised well over £600 for charitable and local causes.  We;d like to thank everyone who came along and special thanks to the craft stallholders who helped make it a special day.  Click here for more photos.

Easter Bottle Stall - Sunday 16th April 2017

Despite the lousy weather, this year's Easter Bottle Stall was a great success, raising just short of £600.  The Easter Bunny and, er, Duck(?) were in attendance all day, dishing out (small) Easter Eggs to all and sundry and visitors and locals alike, tried their luck at winning a bottle or a (large) Easter Egg from the stall.  Despite the weather, everyone was in high spirits (no, I don't mean bottles of spirits, although there were plenty there to be won).  Thanks go, especially to Rotarian Jan Clark who organised the day and to her husband, Jim, for providing the gazebo - much needed in view of the weather.  

For more pictures, click here.

Primary School Quiz - 9th March 2017

10 local primary schools took part in our 4th annual Primary School Quiz and what a close encounter it was.  Each school had a team of four and they had to answer 10 rounds of questions, with 6 questions in each round.  Topics covered included - Geography, Spelling, Natural World, Pot Luck etc.  There were two points available for each correct answer and one point if, in the opinion of the judges, the answer given was close enough.  So, with a total of 120 points available the top three teams got 115, 114 and 113 points respectively.  The top three were:

1st Place - Doune
2nd Place - Aberfoyle
3rd Place - Callander

The winning team (pictured right) received the trophy, an illustrated dictionary and certificates.  The standard this year was exceptionally high, with all schools scoring impressive results and all participants received certificates.  Doune Primary School will now go on to represent our Club in the Area Final in Stirling on 8th April.

For more photos, click here

Bag Packing at the Co-op
30th and 31st December 2016

Members and Friends of Callander Rotary spent the 30th and 31st December packing bags at the Co-op and what a great time was had by all.  Most of the Co-op's customers were glad to have our help and gave generously to our charity fund.  Even those who preferred to do their own packing popped some money into our collecting buckets.  We'd like to thank everyone, Callander residents and vistors, who contributed to the nearly £800 we raised over the two days.  The money raised will go into our Charity Fund which we use to help good causes locally, nationally and internationally.  Our thanks also to the management and staff of the Co-op whose help and good humour helped make the two days not only successful, but also enjoyable.

Purple for Polio Day - 21st October 2016

One of the best kept secrets in the world of Rotary is that Rotary International, through its programme - End Polio Now, has been, almost single-handedly, responsible for the near eradicatio of Polio from the world.    In 1988 Polio was present in 122 countries.  At this point of time there are only a handful of cases in a couple of countries - a reduction of 99.9% of cases.  This has been the mission of Rotary International for the past thirty years.  Hundres of million of pounds have been spent in that time, almost all of it raised by Rotarians around the world.  In recent years the Bill Gates Foundation has matched pound for pound (or more correctly, dollar for dollar) the money raised by Rotarians.

On 21st October 2016, our Rotary Club held an event, in conjunction with a number of local Primary schools and Callander Nursery (pictured right) to raise funds for the End Polio Now.  (McLaren High School also participated, at a later date.)  The event was entitled Purple for Polio and children were encouraged to wear something purple to school and to pay £1 for doing so.  The children also had a spot of purple ink dabbed onto one of their fingers.  

So why purple and why being dabbed in ink?  Well, whenever a child (and there have been 10s of millions of them, is innoculated, their finger is dabbed with purple ink.  This is to show which children have or have not been innoculated.  So, our children were re-living the experience of children from third world countries.

We would like to thank all the schools and children (and their parents) who took part and helped to raise nearly £600.

If you want to find out more about Rotary International's Polio project, click here.  

Bottle Stall - Saturday, 1st October 2016

A very successful day thanks to local people and all the vistors in Callander for the annual Jazz Festival.  We raised over £500 for our Charity Account.

Community Group Fun Quiz - 10th September 2016

Our first (of many, we hope) Community Group Fun Quiz was held at CYP Bridgened with the purpose of bringing together many of the groups who work tirelessly in our community, to bring enjoyment and support for the many people who live, work or visit Callander and surrounding areas.  Whilst all these groups generally work separately, it is good to know that 

we can all support each other if the need arises.  The event was a great success and the winners were Callander Ramblers. More details and photos can be found by clicking here. 

What a Week! - Monday 25th to Saturday 30th July 2106

Dancing in the Square - AmAm Charity Golf Day - Junior Highland Games - Charity Football Match

Phew!  It's over now, but what a major effort by everyone in our Rotary Club.  This was possibly the busiest week we've ever had as a Club.  It was Summerfest in Callander and the town was extremely busy and so too was Rotary.

First up was Dancing in the Square

This has been an annual event for more years than we care to remember, but is no less enjoyable for all that.  Liz Campbell's young dancers put on a great show of Highland Dancing every day from Monday to Friday.  Visitors and locals alike, thrilled to the skirl of the pipes and enthusiasm of the dancers and they put their hands in their pockets and their loose change in our collecting buckets, helping us to raise over £500 for our Charity Fund.

Grateful thanks go to Liz and her dancers for once again putting on the show and to Ken and Ian Milligan for comparing the event and describing the dances so all could understand what was going on.  We'd like to thank, also, Ross Walker for providing the piping.  For more images, click here.

Next up was the AmAm Charity Golf Day

Once again we had perfect weather for this annual event - I don't think there has been a year when we have suffered from poor weather (touch wood).  Although, thanks to a variety of unfortunate circumstances, we had fewer teams taking part this year, it was nevertheless an enjoyable and successful event, raising over £2,000 for our Charity Fund.  Our nominated charity this year was 'Action in Mind' and they will receive a substantial donation from the Club.

As ever, the competition was fierce with the winners being the team put in by 'The Steamship Sir Walter Scott'.  Close Runners Up were Billy McNab's 'Teddy Bears'.  In addition, there were a number of other prizes .......

Longest drive on the 17th - Celia Kenny

Nearest the Pin on the 11th - (Murray (sorry, we didn't catch his surname)

Nearest the Pin on the 15th - our own Richard Cooper

Nearest the Pin on the 18th - Harry Milligan

We like to express our thanks to Callander Golf Club for giving us the use of the course and Lorna Hutton for providing the excellent catering.  We would also like to thank the teams who took part and the many businesses who sponsored the competition ........

Andrew Baird Optemetrists, Bracklinn Practice, Brig Environmental, Campbell's Shortbread, The Crown Hotel, Dalgleish Associates, Deli Ecosse, The Dreadnought Garage, The Dreadnought Service Station, Feeds and Stoves, The Lade Inn, Leny Practice, Poppies, The Riverside Inn, The Waverley Hotel and Wheels.

For more images, click here.

On to Summerfest and the Junior Highland Games

The last day of the Summerfest and there was a feast of stuff for the kids to do at McLaren Leisure Centre.  Callander Rotary put on a 'Junior Highland Games' for children of primary school age.  This involved the kids taking part in an Obstacle Course, the Egg and Spoon Race, Tossing the Caber, Quoits and Dribbling a Football.  The 'Games' were busy all afternoon and the kids (and us) had a ball!

For more images, click here.

Lastly ....... the Charity Football Match

Thanks to a great idea from Immediate Past President Mark Wallace's son, also Mark, this was our second annual charity football match.  Last year, Mark and his friends, who all regularly play five-a-side football, decided that they would like to do their bit for charity by organising an eleven-a-side football match, for which each player would pay £20 to take part in.  So two teams - a Rotary XI and a President's XI took to the field at McLaren Lesiure Centre.  Refereed by Rotarian Bill Sutherland, ably assisted by his Linesmen Ken Stewart and Brian McKay, the match was a close run affair for the first forty minutes, at which point the score was 2-2.  Then the President's XI scored two quick goals before half-time and added a further four in the second half, for an 8-2 victory.  Masny of the oals were of a really high quality.

Highlight of the second half was when the Rotary XI were awarded a penalty.  Up stepped young Mark Wallace to take it, with the older Mark Wallace in goals.  We'd love to spare young Mark's blushes, but we have to report that his Dad saved the penalty.

A big thank you to Mark and his friends for a great event and the addition of £440 to our Charity Fund.  A big thank you also to The Waverley Hotel  Callander and Cisco's Cafe and Bar in Stirling for sponsoring the two teams' football strips.

For more images, click here.

The Ben Ledi Walk - Sunday 5th June 2016

This year's Ben Ledi Walk was held in glorious weather, with a good number of walkers taking part and raising sponsorship money for their favoured causes/charities.  Individual members of the Killin Mountain Rescue Team were in attendance helpin make sure evryone got up and down safely and we'd like to thank them for all their help.  We'd alos like to thank Dickson Middleton for sponsoring the all important Portaloos at the registration area.

Coffee, Lunch and Crafts - 30th April 2016

Wow!  What a successful event.  We decided this year to change the format from just a Coffee Morning to an event that also provided a light lunch option as well as a variety of crafts based stalls.  It's always dangerous to mess with tradition; after all Coffee Mornings take place in the Kirk Hall mosr Saturdays and all tend to follow a very similar format.  However, the folk of Callander and visitors showed they were up for something different and came out in much increased numbers.  The upshot was that we raised twice as much for charities and causes than we did last year.  So a big thank you to all who visited us and congratulations to Rotarian Ken Stewart and his team for having the courage to do something new.

Bottle Stall - Friday 25th March 2016 - Ancaster Square

It was Easter, so it had to be the Rotary Bottle Stall.  This year we held it on Good Friday and in addition to the opportunity to win bottles of various sizes and contents, there was an Easter Bunny/Easter Egg sand tray giving the opportunity to win cash prizes.  Visitors and residents alike took part and gave generously.  

Click here to see a few more pictures of the event.

Primary School Quiz - 10th March 2016

We held our 3rd annual Primary School Quiz at Callander Primary on 10th March.  A record 12 teams were entered from Primary schools around our area.  The standard was extremely high with no fewer than 9 teams gaining scores higher than last year's winning school.  Callander Primary entered two teams and they did themselves proud by finishing a close second and third.  However, this year's honours went to Port of Menteith Primary school who scored 108 out of a possible 120 points.  Well done tomembers of the winning team -  Heather Riach, Kitty Messer, Naomi Johnson, Joe Lazzell and first reserve Caden McNeill-Ritchie.

Swimathon - 20th February 2016

The  Club held its annual SWIMATHON at the McLaren Leisure Centre.  This fun event provides an opportunity for local youth groups and other organisations to raise funds for their chosen charities.  Each team has to swim as many lengths as possible, in relay, in 30 minutes.  Pictured are 3 of the teams which participated –

Doune Scouts, whose two teams swam 67 and 82 lengths respectively, raising a total of £175;  

The Rotary Seals – a team of our own Club members - who (despite their combined age of 279 years!) completed 71 lengths in  30 minutes, raising more than £120  - with more pledges still coming in; 

and a solo entrant, Niamh King, who bravely swam an amazing total of 61 lengths, all on her own, to raise £90 towards the costs of her forthcoming 2017 World Challenge trip to Malaysia.    Well done to all participants, and a special pat on the back to Niamh for her fantastic solo effort!

Bottle Stall - Saturday 3rd October 2015

Our latest Bottle Stall, held on the Saturday of the Jazz Festival, was a great success.  Thanks to Callander residents and visitors, we raised nearly £500 for charity.  Thank you all for taking part. 

Railway Festival - 25th to 27th September 2015

Rotary members were out in force at the weekend to supoort the Railway Festival which  commerated the 50th anniversary of the closing of the railway in Callander.  The Callander & Oban railway line was closed following the landslide in Glenogle 50 years ago. 

The Festival owed its existence to the vision and organisation of local Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Board Member, David Warnock.  It's early days to know what level of success it enjoyed, but certainly we in Rotary had many visitors to our stall and taking part in our 'Railway Treasure Map' competition Visitors Taking Part In The Treasure Map Competitionand many of these visitors told us they had come to Callander especially for the Festival.

Quiz Night - Friday 25th September 2015 - The Waverley Hotel

On Friday 25th September we held a Quiz Night at The Waverley Hotel in Callander.  11 teams of 4 took part in a sociable evening of fun and brain-teasing, with a prize for the winning team.  The winners were 'The Four Tops (pictured right), while the 'wooden spooners' were the IBIS Boys' (pictured below).

The evening also featured drawing the winning tickets of our Prize Draw.  There were many great prizes, but the first prize of 'A Day's Salmon Fishing For 2 (including tuition)' was won by Jim Clark.  The prize was kindly donated to us by Morris Meikle of Doune, whose website can be found here

We'd like to thank Gordon Halliday and the staff of the Waverley Hotel for generously hosting this event and hope veryone who took part had a great night

Callander Rotary Football Challenge - 30th August 2015

Two teams of local players played each other today for the honour of winning the inaugural Callander Rotary Football Challenge Shield and they generously donated £20 each to our charity fund in order to do so.   In future years, we plan to extend the invitation to m

any more teams, to develop an annual and we're talking to the organisers of the Trossachs Summer Festival to include it in their programme.  This year the event was won by the Rotary 11, captained by President Mark's son, Andrew.  (By the way President Mark wanted us to point out that he saved a penalty.

Trossachs Summer Festival - Saturday 1st August 2015

The inaugural Trossachs Summer Festival was held in weather that was anything but Summery.  Despite that, however, the event was well attended by local families and visitors.  Our Rotary Club had an information stall, featuring a display of a Shelter Box and we had a number of people visiting us and asking for more information about Rotary.  We also ran a Junior Games for Primary School children consisting of four events - 'Chucking the Chicken', Quoits, an Obstacle Race and Throwing Beanbags in a Bucket.  A goodly number of children took part throughout the day and the winner in each Primary School year received an Amazon Voucher as a prize.  No sooner had the Junior Games finished than the 'heavens opened'.  Nevertheless, the day seemed to be a great success thanks to the organisation of Mclaren Community Leisure Centre.

Charity Golf Day - Thursday 30th July 2015
Sponsored by The Woodside Pharmacy in Doune

Traditionally the weather remains good for our annual Charity Golf Day and despite the awful weather we've had recently, the rain stayed away and we even saw the occasional ray of sunshine.  Fourteen teams entered this year, playing in the 'Shotgun' format - the first time we've adopted this approach.  This event has become our biggest fundraiser of the year. and we're pleased to say we raised a total of just over £2,500 to distribute to Alzheimer's Scotland and local charities and causes. 

The prize winners were:

Men's Competition - The Wayladers

Ladies Competition - Callander Golf Club Ladies
Nearest the Hole at the 11th - Billy McNab
Nearest the Hole at the 15th -
Nearest the Hole at the 18th - Billy Stevenson
Longest Drive at the 17th (Men) - Chris Halliday
Longest Drive at the 17th (Ladies) -

We'd like to thank Callander Golf Club for providing us with their course and the  teams who entered.  Thanks also go to the many organisations and individuals who sponsored the holes and/or provided prizes and in particular we'd like to thank our Main Sponsor - The Woodside Pharmacy in Doune.

Click here to view a slide show of the event.

Dancing in the Square - 20th to 24th July 2015

The weather wasn't kind to us this year, but once again Liz Campbell and her school of tremendous dancers did a great job putting on a display of Highland Dancing in Ancaster Square.  With it being more like late Autumn rather than Summer, we had to cancel altogether on the Monday and in fact only managed a couple of full days and two part days.  Despite that, thanks to the generosity of Callander residents and the few visitors who were about, we managed to raise just over £250 for good causes.  We'd like to express our gratitude to Liz and her young charges for once again giving us their time.

Previous Years' Activities

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