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Reindeer Cartoon

Reindeer Cartoon

The Rotary Club of Polmont

Santa Collection for Local Good Causes

Dates, Times and Venues for December 2019


Coop (Laurieston)

Saturday 7th December 11 a.m. till 4 p.m.

Sunday 8th December 11 a.m. till 4 p.m.


Tesco (Redding)

Wednesday 11th December 4 p.m. till 7 p.m.

Tuesday 17th December 4 p.m. till 7 p.m.


Coop (Laurieston)

Wednesday 18th December 11 a.m. till 4 p.m.

Thursday 19th December 11 a.m. till 4 p.m.


Tesco (Redding)

Saturday 21st December 11 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Sunday 22nd December 11 a.m. till 7 p.m.


We hope to be able to have enough people to run these dates and times, if not we will update as quickly as possible. Santa is looking forward to meeting as many children as possible.

President Jim Dyer

Santa Sleigh Update

The Polmont Rotary Club’s annual Santa Sleigh will not this year be touring the streets of the local area as was the case in previous years. However Santa will be present in the build up to XMAS at the following two locations: THE TESCO REDDING and THE CO-OP LAURIESTON. The local children will be able to meet Santa at the above two locations and experience the excitement of having met him. The locations and dates and timetables for TESCO REDDING and CO-OP LAURIESTON will follow in due course. The Rotary Club of Polmont would like to thank everyone for their support and we look forward to seeing as many as possible during the run up to Christmas.

President Jim Dyer.

Kids Day Out

A FUN-tastic morning at the Polmont Young Offenders Institution - YOI, Polmont on the 30th October. Bouncy Castle and slide, “Beat the Goalie” and other games of skill were enjoyed by youngsters from Carrongrange P.S. and Time Zone, Maddison. Lots of smiling young faces and shouts of excitement filled the Games Hall creating a wonderful atmosphere. A fulfilling time for those staff and volunteers of the YOI and especially for the four Polmont Rotarians Lorna, Ian, Nancy and Mary!! Thanks to the YOI for hosting the event.

Community Award

‘ The club was delighted at last night’s meeting to present our COMMUNITY AWARD to Neil Edwards, a long standing friend of Polmont Rotary Club. Neil has helped us for many years at our annual SANTA SLEIGH project where we travel round the local area colleting monies for charitable causes at Christmas, by way of providing and driving a mini bus whereby club members and volunteers can be transported on this venture. Neil and Maureen graced us with their company and the club enjoyed a very pleasant evening. Neil has recently retired from working with the Linlithgow Day Care Centre and he and Maureen look forward to a happy retirement ’ In the Photos: President Jim Dyer and Neil Edwards and in the second one; Nancy Rule, President Jim Dyer, Neil Edwards and Mary Sneddon.

President Jim Dyer and Neil Edwards

Nancy Rule PresJim Dyer Neil Edwards and Mary Sneddon

Polmont Rotary Club had their Rotary Awareness Day at Tescos and had on display a Shelter Box, Literacy Box and Jaipur limb exhibits as well as pamphlets with information about Rotary and the exhibits. There was a lot of interest throughout the day although the weather was a limiting factor in the afternoon. One kind gentleman gave the team a box of chocolates, which were gratefully received. Thanks to all who helped with the Awareness day, and to Tescos and to Mary for the Photos. Permission to use the photos was sought and given.

Photo: Ian McLean, Nancy Rule and Lorna Smith

Ian, Nancy and Lorna with the Jaipur Limb Teddy Bear

The Jaipur limb Teddy Bear had lots of visitors

Visitors with the Jaipur Limb Teddy Bear

Nancy Rule and Jaipur Limb Teddy Bear

Nancy Rule and the Jaipur Limb Teddy Bear

Ian McLean, Zac and Charlie and Jaipur Limb Teddy Bear
Ian McLean, Zac and Charlie


The club along with partners was delighted to welcome Allana Hughes who is the Project Officer for the REGENERATION OF THE ZETLAND PARK in Grangemouth.

Allana lives in Larbert with her family and has as her profession, Architectural and Architectural Conservation degrees from the Universities of Dundee and Edinburgh respectively.

Allana has worked previously in a public body, War Memorials Trust and in a private practice with Macduff Architects both in architectural and conservation roles.

The talk was most interesting, and well received and presented, and a great deal of work has been carried out in planning this project with close involvement with the local community including schools and local residents.

The monetary figure in realising this project is considerable and a significant amount has been applied for from the LOTTERY FUND and granting of the amount is awaited with baited breath and should be made known in around mid December.

In addition funds have been raised by way of grants from other external sources and events carried out by the local community, indeed Allana herself did a sponsored cycle run in London covering a long distance and raised a considerable amount.

The project is most worthwhile and Allana explained it very well and will greatly enhance the environment of Grangemouth and it’s residents.’

President Jim Dyer and Alana Hughes

Pictured with President James was our guest speaker, Stuart Kennedy. In a very entertaining address Stuart took us through his career with Falkirk, Aberdeen and Scotland , where we heard about his stuttering start at Brockville, his great associations with bosses Alex Smith and Sir Alex Ferguson, right up to his involvement with the Pittodrie side that won the European Cup Winners Cup and the Super Cup in the 1982-83 season. Stories of both his domestic and international career was mixed with very humorous stories of teammates. President James had to draw the meeting to a close as the members could have gone on all night asking questions. Our sincere thanks to Stuart for spending the evening with the membership.

President Jim Dyer and Stuart Kennedy

Polmont Rotary Club welcomed Dr Ken Thomson OBE, Forth Valley College Principal, since 2013. Ken spoke to the club about the College's achievements and awards. He outlined the courses from apprenticeships to Degree courses and the success of the students, in the jobs market, after graduating. He also spoke about the partnerships with the various companies in the area such as Ineos. Ken went on to speak about the new building, which is due to open to students on the 8th of January 2020. Ken was accorded the usual vote of thanks for a very interesting and informative talk. In the Photo are President Jim Dyer and Dr Ken Thomson OBE.

President Jim Dyer and Dr Ken Thomson  OBE

Thanks to all who supported Polmont Rotary Club at the Falkirk charity day in the High Street. £100 pounds was raised for Polio Now. Thanks also to Club Members and family who looked after the stall. In the Photo are Nancy Rule and Mary Sneddon from the Polmont Club and Andrew Niven from the Falkirk Club.

Nancy Rule Mary Sneddon Andrew Niven

Polmont Rotary Club participated at the Falkirk charity day in the High Street.Club Members, Rota Kids members and friends assisted at their Hook A Duck Stall in aid of Polio Now. A great day was had by all. Thanks to all who helped and supported Polmont Rotary Club.


Polmont Rotary Club welcomed District 1020 District Governor Jo Pawley to the Club on Wednesday the 31st July 2019. DG Jo is shown in the photo, presenting a banner with the 2019 / 2020 Logo and theme, to President James Dyer. RI President Mark Daniel Maloney's theme for 2019-20, Rotary Connects the World, asks Rotarians to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service.

DG Jo Pawley and President Jim Dyer

Secretary Ian McLean handing over the President's Jewel to President Jim Dyer

Secretary Ian McLean handing over the President's Jewel to President Jim Dyer

Secretary Ian McLean handing over the President's Chain to President Jim Dyer. Congratulations to Jim as he starts a second year as President!

Secretary Ian McLean handing over the President's Chain to President Jim Dyer

President Jim Dyer with Iain Morrison receiving a certificate to mark Honorary Membership. Thanks to James Morris for the Photo.

President Jim Dyer with Iain Morrison receiving a certificate to mark Honorary Membership. Thanks to James Morris for the Photo

President Jim Dyer with Iain Morrison receiving a certificate to mark Honorary Membership. Thanks to James Morris for the Photo.

President Jim Dyer with Brian Sharp receiving a certificate to mark Honorary Membership. Thanks to James Morris for the Photo

President Jim Dyer with recipients of the second round of Disbursements from our Santa Sleigh Collection. Scroll down for Individual Presentations.

President Jim Dyer with recipients of the second round of Disbursements from our Santa Sleigh Collection 

President Jim Dyer with Fiona Corner, Georgia Smith and Quill from Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Dog Project. Quill is a 3 year old Cockapoo.

President Jim Dyer with Fiona Corner, Georgia Smith and Quill from Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Dog Project

President Jim Dyer with Lynn Milne from the Aberlour Trust

President Jim Dyer with Lynn Milne from the Aberlour Trust

President Jim Dyer with Kelly Dickinson and Michele Reap from FDAMH - Falkirk District Association for Mental Health.

President Jim Dyer with Kelly Dickinson and Michele Reap from FDAMH

President Jim Dyer with Alan Biggar from Teenage Cancer Trust

President Jim Dyer with Alan Biggar from Teenage Cancer Trust

President Jim Dyer with Neil Edwards from Linlithgow Day Care Centre. Neil has been our driver for many years, transporting Santa and the Elves round the District during our Annual Santa Sleigh Collection. We thank Neil and Linlithgow Day Care Centre very much for the use of the Minibus.

President Jim Dyer with Neil Edwards from Linlithgow Day Care Centre

President Jim Dyer and Jacqueline Munro, Advocacy and information Officer for Muscular Dystrophy

President Jim Dyer and Jacqueline Munro, Advocacy and information Officer for Muscular Dystrophy

President Jim Dyer and Claire Kennedy Community Fundraiser for Strathcarron Hospice

President Jim Dyer and Claire Kennedy Strathcarron Hospice

President Jim Dyer and Lynne Nelson Rotary E Club of Southern Scotland

President Jim and Lynne Nelson Rotary E Club

In the photo with President Jim Dyer are Jacqueline Munro, Advocacy and Information Officer for Muscular Dystrophy - £1000 and Claire Kennedy, Community Fundraiser for Strathcarron Hospice £1000 and Lynne Nelson from the Rotary Eclub of Southern Scotland - £250 for the Eclub to donate to a charity of their choice. Lynne and other Eclub members have helped us over many years and we really appreciate the assistance they have given us. Club members in the photo below are L to R, Nancy Rule, Treasurer Ian Cochrane and James Morris. The occasion was part of our Annual Disbursement from our Santa Sleigh Collection. Thanks to the local community who supported us so well and gave so generously.

President Jim Dyer and Club Members with reps from Muscular Dystrophy, Strathcarron Hospice and Southern Scotland Rotary E Club

Dream Flight Representatives

Recent visitors to the club were representatives from Dream Flight. They gave an interesting presentation to the club and outlined the very sensitive work they do with families. President Jim and Treasurer Ian presented them with a cheque towards their work.

Dreamflight is a UK charity that changes young lives through taking children with a serious illness or disability, without their parents, on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida.  

Established in 1987 and operating annually since, Dreamflight believes that fun and joy are just as important as medical research and equipment - especially for children who perhaps can't wait long enough for the breakthrough they need or whose illnesses and treatments have brought pain, distress and disruption to their lives.

Congratulations to Wallacestone PS for getting to the PS Quiz 1020 District Final & doing us proud. They battled through the local heat, then at Blackburn and then at the District Finals. Competition was tight, only 5 points between them & the winning team - New Abbey Dumfries.

Wallacestone Primary School Quiz Team

Last Night, 3/4/19, we welcomed Emma Allan to our meeting. Emma is a 4th Year pupil at Braes High School. Emma has been successful in securing a place in the World Challenge 2020 expedition to Cambodia. As a part of this she has to raise her own funding of approximately £4000. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will help develop skills she will use throughout her life and build deeper confidence. In an excellent presentation Emma outlined the fund raising activities she has been involved in. She went on to explain in detail some of the activities the team would be expected to participate in. Emma will be helping teach English, assisting in Building Projects as well as checking out the Rain Forrest area. Emma answered a good number of Questions and we enjoyed her presentation. We wish Emma well on her adventure to Cambodia.Emma Allan

Poppy Scotland Collection 2018

We were delighted to receive a certificate from Poppy Scotland detailing the excellent Total of £4207.58 collected in Polmont and the Braes Area. Thanks are due to everyone who contributed - we really appreciate the continued support from our loyal friends in our area. Thanks also to all Polmont Rotary and Family Members who assisted with the Distribution, Collection and uplift of all the cans. Thanks to Tesco who hosted us over a number of days and also counted and banked the monies. We also wish to thank all the other shops and schools that helped by taking a can and collecting.

Poppy Scotland appeal 2018 Certificate

Recent Speakers at Polmont Rotary

President Jim with Sarah Jane Bayliss. Sarah Jane is an advanced Driving Instructor with Police Scotland and she gave an excellent talk on her career path and her work as a Car and Motor Bike Instructor. We were impressed with her skills as presenter and instructor.

Ian Lowe visited the club and gave an excellent presentation on Glasgow Cathedral. Ian had visited the club a few years ago when he was a guide at Hopetoun House and he is now a guide at Glasgow Cathedral. He entertained us with interesting stories about the Cathedral and its history.

Ian Lowe

Bruce Spoke to the Club about his wonderful book entitled Bridgescapes. Along with an excellent Powerpoint presentation Bruce was an entertaing speaker and explained interesting information on some of the Bridges in his book.

L Bruce Keith

President Jim Dyer

President’s New Year Message

 ‘I am thoroughly enjoying my term of office as President of Polmont Rotary Club and am most grateful for the support and help which I have received from fellow members, we are a small club but we have worked well together and carried out many initiatives and projects on behalf of and to the benefit of the community.

 To illustrate what we have carried out in 2018 I enclose below a sample of the initiatives and projects which we have undertaken as noted above:

 1. ‘Challenge Enterprise’: this is an initiative whereby local secondary school students attend a weekend away at which they bond with other such students from other parts of Scotland and are lectured to by professionals on business and other such issues and actively participate

2. ‘Shelter Box’: for the purpose of safety and shelter to persons in an under developed and deprived part of the world

3. ‘Tools for Self Reliance: this is an initiative where we collect tools which in turn we deliver to an organisation in Edinburgh for modification

4. ‘Poppy Scotland’: at Remembrance time we collect monies from the community at various locations for the benefit of this worthy cause

5. ‘Rota Kids’: as an introduction to the meaning of Rotary we have set up such clubs in our area for local school children and in addition one of our members is the District Organiser for this initiative and puts in a power of work to develop such Rota Clubs within the District most successfully ‘Santa Sleigh’: at Christmas, thanks to one of our members, who supplies the Sleigh’ we tour several local areas and streets with our Santa Sleigh where we meet lots of children and where we collect donations which we then disperse to local deserving charities and good causes

I close by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year for  2019 from all members of Polmont Rotary Club.

James Dyer

President of Polmont Rotary Club’

 Mobile Movies

Some Pictures from a recent visit to Summerdale Care Home with our Mobile Movies Service. We take a film to show that is suitable or requested. We also take ice cream and Popcorn. The service is much appreciated by the residents and staff and enjoyed by the Club volunteers. This time we took along Finding Nemo and it was enjoyed by everyone! Thanks to Nancy Rule, Mary Sneddon and Ian Cochrane, also to Ian for the Photos.

Nancy Handing out Popcorn

Here are the final Totals for the Santa Sleigh for 2018:

Monday 17th.     £488.83  
Tuesday 18th.   £517.28 
Thursday 20th.   £550.63             

FINAL TOTAL   £5,270.71     

An amazing result – helped by the Good Weather.

A huge thank you to everyone involved on the Polmont Rotary Santa Sleigh. Our drivers, James and Neil, who gave up 9 December evenings to take Santa / s  and the Elves round the areas. Thanks to Santa and all our Elves and Members of the Rotary E Club, Wallacestone Primary Rota Kids and two Senior boys from Braes High and Graeme who came all the way from Stirling to help, they all made it special for the children, young and old. Thanks to Mary and Nancy who did organising and licencing and Lorna for all her help and counting the money. Thanks to St. Michael's Day care centre Linlithgow for the use of the Mini bus to transport the Elves. And finally chiefly yourselves - thank you for giving so generously, we really appreciate it. Thanks to all who followed us on Facebook and to all who posted, it gave us all great encouragement. We will decide on the beneficiaries at our first meeting in January. Polmont Rotary Club wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy family time.

Santa Sleigh Collection Update - Monday 17th December 2018

Monday 10th.                  £339.16

Tuesday   11th.               £516.00

Thursday 13th                 £445.62

Saturday 15th.  Tesco     £463.65

Sunday 16th. Tesco        £386.31

total this part.              £2140.64

b/f  running total         £1573.33

                                                           Current running total      £3713.97       

Thanks to all who gave so generously and to Santa, Elves and Drivers.

Here is a quick reminder of the areas for the Remainder of this week:

Monday 17th December                  Millfield, Greenpark, Polmont Park

Tuesday 18th December                                        Lathallan, Whyteside

Thursday 20th December                                                     Gilston Park

 Hope to see some of you there!

Raising funds for Children’s Cancer Charities and other Rotary Good Causes

 Thank you for your generosity and continued support

Tuesday 11th December - St. Margaret’s
Thursday 13th December - Canalside, Reddingmuirhead
Saturday 15th December - Tesco Redding
Sunday 16th December - Tesco Redding

Latest Update Tuesday 11th December

Monday 3rd. £491.13
Tuesday 4th. £411.82
Thursday 6th. £414.27
Friday 7th. Laurieston Coop superstore. £133.83
Sunday 9th Laurieston Coop superstore £122.38

Total to date. £1573.43

The Full team

Nancy and Mary and Rota Kids Wallacestone Primaryu

Thanks to our teams so far and to the staff and pupils of Wallacestone Primary School Rota Kids who helped with the collection and also to Santa and Elves at the Coop.

Santa and the team are looking forward to seeing lots of children, young and old on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, weather permitting.


We had a great Night In The Braes High and Union Place Areas - thanks to everyone who gave so generously - we really appreciate it and so will the Charities who will benefit. Thanks to our team of volunteers, for the Rotary E Club who have supported us every year, and to Graeme who has come from Stirling to help - well done everyone. Here is Santa in the Braes last Night - he was so busy trying to meet all the kids and families - well done Santa!!

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, people sitting and shoes

We had a great Night in Laurieston last night (Monday 3rd 18) Thanks to all who gave so generously... thanks also to Santa and all our Elves - looking forward to seeing you all at Braes High and Union Place Area Tonight around 6.20.

Santas Elves in Laurieston 3rd December 18

Santa In Laurieston Monday 3rd December 18

Santa Sleighe Banner 2018

Here are the dates and routes you have all been waiting for. We are hoping to cover all of these evening and days at Tesco, the Co-op @ Laurieston and around the  housing estates. As always this is totally dependent on having enough volunteers and the weather. Sadly last year we had to cancel a couple of evening due to bad weather and slippery pavements. If you would like to help please get in touch with us through the website. Santa and his Elves are looking forward to meeting as many children and Children at Heart on his travels.

Monday 3rd December                                                            Laurieston

Tuesday 4th December                                     Braes High, Union Place

Thursday 6th December                                   Sunnyside, Wallacestone

Friday 7th December                                                   Co-op Laurieston

Saturday 8th December                                               Co-op Laurieston

Sunday 9th December                                                 Co-op Laurieston

Monday 10th December                                                       Westquarter

Tuesday 11th December                                                   St. Margaret’s

Thursday 13th December                         Canalside, Reddingmuirhead

Saturday 15th December                                                 Tesco Redding

Sunday 16th December                                                    Tesco Redding

Monday 17th December                  Millfield, Greenpark, Polmont Park

Tuesday 18th December                                        Lathallan, Whyteside

Thursday 20th December                                                     Gilston Park


Raising funds for Children’s Cancer Charities and other Rotary Good Causes

 Thank you for your generosity and continued support

 A Huge Thank you to Tesco Redding for facilitatiing our annual Poppy Collection. Thanks also to YOU, the local population who gave so generously to the appeal, we are grateful for your continued support. Thanks also to our Club members and spouses who helped with the collecting and to Tesco for Counting and Banking the monies on our behalf. 
The Scottish Poppy Appeal is Poppyscotland’s largest fundraising campaign which takes place annually in the lead up to Remembrance Sunday in November.  Five million poppies are distributed across Scotland by our army of volunteers who ensure that poppies and tins are displayed in shops, businesses and schools.
As well as street collections there is a whole host of activity aimed at raising as much money as possible.  Money raised during the Scottish Poppy Appeal is used to provide vital life-changing support to the Armed Forces community living in Scotland.

Poppy Collection at Tesco November 2018 - David Waddell and Ian McLean

The Club had an excellent talk from Geoff Bailey, who is the Archeologist and keeper of Local History with Falkirk Council. Geoff is based at Callendar House in Falkirk. Geoff's talk was entitled a history of Falkirk in Ten and a half object. The illustrated talk, was factual, interesting, amusing, enjoyable and well received by Members and their partners.President Jim Dyer and Jeff Bailey

Jeff Bailey - A history of Falkirk in 10 and a half objects

An exchange of Banners

An excxhange of Banners

An Excellent evening with DG Agnes Ritchie - Inspirational!

DG Agnes and President Jim

Rebacca Haldane from Sailors Society with President Jim Dyer

Rebacca Haldane from Sailors Society with President Jim Dyer

Presidential Handover Dinner

Presidential Handover Dinner

Presidential handover from Iain Morrison to Jim Dyer

Presidential Handover to Jim Dyer from Iain Morrison

Hon Membership Presented to Peter Moodie by President Iain Morrison

Hon Membership to Peter Moodie

Santa Sleigh Disbursement 2018

Polmont Rotary Club would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported our Santa Sleigh collection. Here are the organisations that we are helping this year.

Strathcarron Hospice: £1500

Muscular Dystrophy: £1500

Alzheimer’s (Screen Memories): £250

Power Station Whitecross: £250

Forth Valley Sensory Centre: £250

Falkirk Samaritans: £250

Crossroads Falkirk: £250

St Michael’s Hospital Linlithgow: £250

Seagull Trust Falkirk: £250

Prince’s Trust for Carers Falkirk: £250

Friends of St Margaret’s Polmont: £250

Falkirk District Mental Health: £250

Carrongrange School: £250

Polmont Old Age Concern: £100

District 1020 Primary School Quiz 2018—Westquarter School

Once again we had an excellent response from the Primary Schools in our area and we had 11 Schools entered. Avonbridge and Drumbowie along with Slamannan and Limerigg entered joint teams. The other schools represented were, Laurieston, Maddiston, St. Margaret’s, Sheildhill, Wallacestone, Westquarter and  Whitecross.

The event was well organised by Brian Sharp and the Quizmaster was Bob Mackay. Brian assisted President Iain with the scoring and the helpers were Lorna, Nancy and Janice, Derek and David. The event was run very efficiently and it was a very good afternoon. Maddiston were the worthy winners and led every round and won with 65 points and the runners up were Wallacestone with 57. Thanks to everyone who helped with the event, to all the schools and teachers and to Westquarter Primary for hosting. Photos used with Permission.

The Winners - Maddiston School with President Iain

The Winners - Maddiston School with President Iain

The Winners - Maddiston School with President Iain

The Winners - Maddiston School with President Iain

Quiz Master Bob

Quiz Master Bob

All the Helpers - Brian, Lorna, Nancy, Janice, Derek and David

All the helpers

All the Quiz Teams

All the Quiz teams

New MemberOn Wednesday the club welcomed a new member. Jim Edward was inducted by President Iain Morrison and was given a warm welcome by the club members. We are delighted to welcome Jim to the club and his designation is "Senior Executive - Human Resources"

New Member Jim Edward welcomed by President Iain Morrison

Santa Sleigh 2017

Well this was our final collection of the project, once again ending at Tesco.

Considering the big shop on Friday we still did rather well on the Saturday culminating in a successful project.

In general taking into account the lesser number of routes we could cover this year, and the bad weather causing difficult conditions, and for safety, requiring early stops on two days, I believe we should be very proud and more than satisfied with the final result.

 However before I note the figures it is appropriate to thank the many volunteers who joined our members and assisted in adding to our success.

Their willingness, and expressions of how much they had enjoyed the experiences, bodes well for our future efforts.

We will also be sending a thank you letter to both Tesco and the Co-op for their cooperation and support in allowing us to collect at their stores.

 Well enough said, here it is:-

 Saturday 23rd. collection amounted to    £782.65

 Making a magnificent final total of :-        £5,188.80.

 Regards Nancy and Mary.

A Huge Thank You !

The Tesco manager said he had never seen the footfall in the store as busy as this before, and he was delighted for us and our charity work.

No wonder this was called Frantic Friday by the media, but it was in my thoughts Generous and Caring Friday.

An amazing total was collected today from the public of £1022.75. Running total now £4,406.15.

Thanks again

Nancy and Mary.

Santa Thank You

This is the last day with the Sleigh. Friday and Saturday are Inside collections at Tesco. Another good day - plenty volunteers but not beating day seven but excellent none the less - thanks to everyone who contributed.
The collection today was £636.25 now running total a very satisfactory £3,383.40,

Regards Nancy and Mary.

Santa in Eastcroft Drive Polmont

Santa in Eastcroft Drive

The weather was good, the volunteers were good and the Santa sleigh collection was good, in fact best yet!!

Total collected on day seven, Tuesday 19th. was a magnificent £767.77 and the running total now give or take a pence or two is £2,747.15

Thanks to the generous folk in Upper Polmont and Gilston Park.

Nancy and Mary.

Santa Sleigh Thank you image

Look out for Santa Tonight - Tuesday 19th December 2017 -  in Upper Polmont and Gilston Park!Thank Yoou Banner

Day four is the first of the Santa supermarket indoor collections without the Sleigh. This one at the Co-op Laurieston. Considering it is a small supermarket we collected a credible £204.70.

Running total now £1,249.64.

5th. Day, Sunday 17th.
Another visit without the Sleigh, again Santa Hitch Hiked to the Laurieston Co-op. and collected £137.63 now running total includes a few pence difference is £1,387.47

Santa says - thanks so much to the generous Laurieston Folk

Monday 18th. day 6, back with the sleigh again.
what a difference a day makes, at least in regards to the weather. No problems and we managed to cover the planed route, thanks again to our volunteers and fellow club members we managed a very good result. and mainly thanks to the Generous people of St Margaret's Area

Total collected £551.91. giving a running total of £1,979.38

Nancy and Mary.

Update: Santa and the Elves had a great time and thanks to the kind and generous people of Laurieston we raised the magnificent sum of £556.20. Santa and the Rotary Club of Polmont say a huge THANK YOU!!

Santa having fun visiting Laurieston

We had an excellent visit to Laurieston last Night and the weather was kind. Thanks to all who gave so generously and to Santa and the elves and drivers. We hope you found us tonight. Iain

Santa waving to the children and families

Santa and the Elves ready to visit Laurieston

The Sleigh is ready for Santa

Santa Sleigh Poster

Santa is coming!

UPDATE: Sadly we have had to removed Friday the 15th from our Routes as we don't have a driver available and sufficient Elves - apologies to everyone in the Brightons Area.

However, Santa is still visiting the other areas!

Here are the Areas for this year:

Rotary Club of Polmont
Christmas Charity Collection - 2017

Monday 11th December - Laurieston
Wednesday 13th December - Braes High, Union Place, Wallace Brae
Thursday 14th December - Sunnyside

Saturday 16th December - Co-op Laurieston
Sunday 17th December - Co-op Laurieston
Monday 18th December – St Margarets
Tuesday 19th December - Upper Polmont, Gilson Park,
Thursday 21st December - Eastcroft, Greenpark, Polmont Park, Lower Polmont
Friday 22nd December - Tesco Redding
Saturday 23rd December - Tesco Redding

Raising funds of Strathcarron Hospice and other local good causes

Thank you for your generosity and continued support!

Santa Sleigh Routes 2017

Challenge Enterprise 2017

We had three of our 6 Challenge Enterprise Candidates visiting the club. Katie, Ashley and F.K.came to tell us how they got on and gave two excellent presentations. Unfortunately our other candidates were unable to be with us due to evening jobs and illness.They all had a great time over the weekend at Carronvale. They made lots of new friends and contacts, had lots of fun, learned a great deal and gained in confidence as they participated in the Ice Breakers, Challenges and activities and we were told that the food was good too! Thanks to our 6 candidates and the B.B. staff at Carronvale and the District Rotary and Business mentors who gave up their weekend to run the course. Thanks to Marjorie and Michele for great support from their respective schools, Braes and Graeme High. Thanks finally to Brian Sharp our Youth Convenor for organising it so well.

In the Photos, L to R Marjorie Cotter, Braes High, Katie Horne, Ashley Cantell, Brian Sharp, Youth Convenor, and Fikayo Oluwasanmi, F.K.for short and Michele Phee, Graeme High. In the second photo President Iain Morrison squeezed in the middle!!

 L to R Marjorie Cotter, Braes High, Katie Horne, Ashley Cantell, Brian Sharp, Youth Convenor, and Fikayo Oluwasanmi, F.K.for short and Michele Phee, Graeme High and President Iain Morrison squeezed in the middle!!

 L to R Marjorie Cotter, Braes High, Katie Horne, Ashley Cantell, Brian Sharp, Youth Convenor, and Fikayo Oluwasanmi, F.K.for short and Michele Phee, Graeme High.

The Club is holding an Information Evening about Rotary and to explain what the club does in the community. It will be held in the Tesco, Reading, Community Hub on Monday the 23rd of October at 7pm. All interested are warmly invited to come along and meet the team.

Information Evening Image


Visit of District Governor Lindsay Craig 26 July 2017

An excellent visit and talk from District Governor Lindsay Craig. He spoke to us about this years theme - Rotary Making a Difference. A very appropriate theme as Rotary is making a difference all over the world in so many ways.Here is just one of them. Rotary, the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention launched the Global Polio Eradication Initiative in 1988. In 2007, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation joined Rotary in its commitment to ending polio.

Since 2013, the Gates Foundation has matched every $1 Rotary commits to polio eradication 2-to-1, up to $35 million per year. Rotary, with matching funds from the Gates Foundation, has contributed more than $1.6 billion to end polio.

Since Rotary started the fight against polio, we’ve reduced the number of polio cases by 99.9 percent and reached more than 2.5 billion children with the vaccine. There are fewer polio cases today than ever before, but we will not stop until we reach zero. If polio is not eradicated, hundreds of thousands of children could be paralyzed. Global health care costs would rise dramatically, and many children’s quality of life would be drastically diminished.

If you are not a Rotarian and reading this why not check out what else Rotary does. Visit the Rotary International Site @ https://www.rotary.org and find out more. Or come and visit us at our weekly meeting in the Inchyra Grange Hotel Polmont at 6.30 every Wednesday, we would be delighted to see YOU!

DG Lindsay Craig and President Iain Morrison

DG Lindsay Craig and President Iain Morrison

DG Lindsay Craig presenting President Iain Morrison with  this years theme banner

DG Lindsay presenting a Theme Banner to President Iain Morrison

President Iain Morrison and Past President Nancy Rule after the Handover. An excellent, happy evening with partners and friends.

President Iain Morrison and Past President Nancy Rule after the Handover

Past President Nancy receiving a necklace from the club in appreciation of all the hard work she has put in over her years in Rotary and in particular for her second term of office as President. Well done Nancy!!

Iain Morrison and Nancy Rule

President Elect Jim Dyer being presented with his Chain of Office by President Iain Morrison

President Elect Jim Dyer and President Iain Morrison

Past President Nancy receiving a bouquet of Flowers from Jancie Morrison

Janice and Nancy

President Iain presenting PDG Ian Rule with a small gift from the club for his support to Nancy and to the Club.

Ian Rule and Iain Morrison

The Top Table after the Handover with a photo of Iain and Nancy in the background - well done Derek for capturing that photo!

Janice Ian Iain and Nancy

President Nancy presenting flowers to Norman and June on their move to Fife.

Norman Nancy and June

Thanks to ADG Ken MacKenzie for attending the Club's Assembly and for his kind words. An interesting and enjoyable evening. Thanks Ken.

In the photo - Incoming President Iain Morrison, President Nancy Rule and ADG Ken MacKenzie, Linlithgow Grange Rotary Club.

Incoming President Iain Morrison, President Nancy Rule and ADG Ken MacKenzie, Linlithgow Grange Rotary Club.

An excellent evening with Lynne Frail and Jill Hendry from the Forth Valley Sensory Centre. In the Photos - Brian Sharp, Lynne Frail, Jill Hendry and President Nancy and in the second photo Lynne, Jill and Nancy. Check out their Facebook page to find out about the great work they do. https://www.facebook.com/FVSensoryCentre/

Lynne, Jill and President Nancy

Brian, Lynne, Jill and President Nancy

Some Photos from our 43rd Charter Dinner with District Governor Olive Geddes. A very good evening was had by all.

Table Group

Table Group

DG Olive Presented with Flowers by President Nancy

Nancy, Jennifer and Mary

President Nancy and

Mary and DG Olive

Mary Kareen and Nancy

Mary and Janice

June and Norman

Jessie and Ian

Janice and Iain

Janice and Henry

Our Band

Ian and Friends

Ian, Nancy, DG Olive and Ian


Catherine Mary and Brian

Derek and Anne

Polmont Rotary welcomed Past District Governor Andy with two of the members of the GSE team heading out to Ohio later this year. The team gave an excellent presentation to the club and they all had their sement to present. We were sorry that Jill, the other member of the team was unwell and unable to be with us. The team answered a number of questions afterwards. We wish them well in their visit to Ohio and hope they enjoy the expericence and benefit from the Vocational placements.

Below we have Scott, PDG Andy President Nancy and Les

Scott Andy Nancy and Les

Scott Andy and Les

Scott Andy and Les

Tools for Self Reliance Collection
Thanks to everyone who brought old tools for our collection today. Thanks also to Tesco for permission to use their facilities and also to the Rotarians and partners who gave of their time to look after the collection today. In the Photo from Left to Right we have President Nancy Rule, Jim Dyer and Peter Moodie enjoying the sunshine and the Blether.

Tools for Self Reliance - in the photo President Nancy Rule Jim Dyer and Peter Moodie

Tools for Self Reliance Collection:

The Rotary Club of Polmont is collecting tools to help the Charity, Tools for Self Reliance. We will be a Tescos, Redding Road Superstore on Saturday, 25 March 2017 from 10am to 4pm. Please help us to help others and bring along your old and unwanted tools and spectacles. We look forward to seeing you there. Thanks to Tescos for allowing us to have the collection there.

The tools collected locally will be taken to a workshop in Edinburgh, where they will be cleaned, repaired and sharpened, before being sent to TFSR for shipment to Africa. We are also collecting used spectacles for the Vision Aid Charity.

Tools for Self Reliance is a UK based charity working to help relieve poverty in Africa. They work with local African organisations to deliver a programme of tools and training to bring about effective and sustainable change to trades people and their communities, working mainly Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. 

Tools for Self Reliance run vocational training projects which provide people with the skills they need to set up their own business. The charity also equips them with a toolkit to get them started. As well as technical training in trades such as carpentry, welding, and bricklaying, TFSR also provide training in business and financial management, believing that this approach gives people the best chance of success.

On average, 85% of people who join a training course with Tools for Self Reliance are running a business and have increased their income six months after completion. With the additional income from their own enterprises, trainees can buy more food of a better quality, improve their living conditions, educate their children, and access medical care.

Small and micro enterprises are critical to reducing inequality and improving life chances for people in some of the poorest countries in the world. Vocational training and small scale enterprises are identified in the Sustainable Development Goals as crucial activities for achieving change, and Tools for Self Reliance plays an important part in livelihood development in Africa.

Recycle for Africa Flyer 2017

Speaker on the 22nd February 2017

Ann Bateman, Head Teacher at St. Margaret's School in Polmont was the speaker at the weekly meeting of Polmont Rotary Club. After Ann was introduced to the club by Rotarian Jim Dyer, Ann spoke about her passion for teaching and gave us a potted history of her career to date. She then went on to tell us about how St. Margaret's has developed in her time as head teacher. It was obvious that she is passionate about providing teaching excellence and providing as many aveues as possible for her pupils to find things they are good at.

St Margaret's is a large primary school with a combination of semi-open plan and traditional hutted classrooms. The school was built in 1977 and extended during the eighties to accommodate children from new housing developments. The original building was refurbished during the 06/07 session. In addition to classrooms there is a General Purpose room, a Music/Drama room, a Hall, Library and a Games Hall. An Early Learning and Childcare Campus located within the school grounds, offers childcare provision for babies to 5 year old children. The campus provides childcare from 8am until 6pm 52 weeks of the year as well as traditional term time 3-5 year old sessional provision.

The School has a high rating for achievent for its teachers and pupils and every child gets a chance to grow, develop and shine. St Margaret's also has a very active Rotakids Group which Polmont Rotary set up with the School and President Nancy attends when she can. An excellent talk from Ann and the vote of thanks was given by ADG Ian McLean.

Photo President Nancy Rule and Ann Bateman Head teacher at St Margaret's Primary School Polmont

President Nancy Rule and Ann Bateman

RIBI Young Writer Competition for 2016 - 17

President Nancy Rule along with Brian Sharp, Organiser, and Secretary Iain Morrison, visited Braes High School to present a prize and Certificates to the entrants in the RIBI (Rotary International Britain & Ireland) Young Writer for 2016 - 17. This is the first time the Club has run the competition and it is hoped there will be more entries next year.

Aidan Wansbrough, a second year pupil at Braes High School, won the Award at Intermediate Level i.e. 11 - 13 years old at 31st August 2016. He was presented with a £25 Book Token and certificate by Polmont Rotary Club President, Nancy Rule at the school Creative Writing Club. Aidan will now go on to represent the Polmont Club in the Rotary District 1020 Competition in May and, if successful, could represent District 1020 in the RIBI National Competition in June. All competition entrants were given a certificate of participation. The Club competition was judged by a member of the English Department at Larbert High School. Thanks to Brian for organising the competition and the support of the teaching staff at Braes High School and not least the entrants, namely, Aidan Wansbrough, (winner), Arianne Burrow, Sophie MacGrain and Rosie Sharples.

In the Photos, Below: Aidan Wansbrough with President Nancy Rule.
Group Photo from the left, Sophie MacGrain, President Nancy Rule, Frances Orrock (English Teacher) Aidan Wansbrough, Rotarian Brian Sharp, Arianne Burrow and Rosie Sharples.

Aidan Wansbrough with President Nancy Rule

Group Photo

Quiz Logo

Polmont Rotary Club held its Annual Primary Schools Quiz yesterday, 6th February, in Wallacestone Primary School. There were 9 Schools taking part from our area, namely, Avonbridge & Drumbowie (joint team), California, Laurieston, Maddiston, Shieldhill, Slamannan, St. Margaret’s, Wallacestone and Whitecross. It was a very tight competition with the lead changing hands a few times, but the eventual winners were Laurieston with 49 points and the runners up were Avonbridge & Drumbowie with 48 points.

The winning team from Laurieston were presented with a £15 Book Token by Club President Nancy Rule. The runners up from Avonbridge & Drumbowie each received a £10 Book Token. Laurieston were also presented with the Rotary Club of Polmont Salver which the school will retain for one year. They go on to represent the Club in the Spring at the Rotary Area Final.

 The Quiz is based on the primary school curriculum.The Photos show President Nancy Rule and Quiz Master Bob Mackay. The next photo shows the team at work marking, with the organiser Brian Sharp in the foreground. The next photo shows more of the helpers and then President Nancy with the Winning Team, Laurieston P S and their booktokens and then with the Salver, followed by the runners up Avonbridge & Drumbowie and finally the scoreboard, to show how close the contest was. Congratulations to Laurieston and to all the teams who took part and thanks to Wallacstone School for hosting the quiz.

Laurieston School with the Winners Salver and President Nancy

Score Board

Team Marking with Brian Sharp - organiser -  in foreground

More Helpers

Avonbridge and Drumbowie Runners up

President Nancy and Bob Mackay the Quiz Master

Santa Sleigh Disbursement

We are delighted to announce the Santa Sleigh Disbursement list and amounts, now that the recipients have been informed. We await information on what they intend to do with the monies, in accordance with our legal obligation, as a registered charity - OSCR—SC 042733. Once the documentation is complete we will have a photo presentation with as many recipients as possible.

Main Recipients:
Strathcarron Hospice: £1500
Macmillan Nurses: £1500

Subsidiary Donations:
St. Michael’s Daycare Centre Linlithgow: £200
Samaritans: £240
Crossroads: £240
Talking Books for the Blind - "Newsline": £240
Teenage Cancer: £240
Time Zone: £240
Seagull Trust: £240
Cars4U: £240
Rotary E-Club: £300
Total: £5180

The Rotary Club of Polmont help Poppy ScoPoppy Scotland Logo and Copyrighttland in the Annual Poppy Collection, by distributing the cans and poppies to the various shops and outlets and then we collect the cans and return them to Poppy Scotland for counting. Here is the breakdown from Poppy Scotland of how much was given in our area.


Although the total was slightly down on last year, the generosity of the Braes residents was outstanding. The total raised through donations was £3,519.14 with an additional £150 from the sale in Lapel Badges = £3669.14. Our 4 Primary Schools raised £787.43!
Donations included :
Spar, Brightons £148.56
BP Millfield £61.86
Meadowbank Clinic £68.05
Maddiston PS £189.33
St Margarets PS £271.90
Wallacestone PS £245.34
Shieldhill PS £80.86
Premier Polmont £134.69
Claremont Inn £91.67
Klondyke, Beancross £182.34
Johnston, Brightons £103.89
Black Bull £49.05
Inchyra Grange £56.63
Tesco Petrol £142.41
Tesco Shop £1649.24

Happy New Year from all at Polmont Rotary Club!

Fireworks Happy New Year

Final Totals from Santas last day at Tescos. Day 10
Saturday 24th. collection result £598.85

Final Total £5,231.33

After expenses this will give us £5,176.34 to donate to our charities. This will be announced as soon as possible in the New Year. Thanks to everyone and all who donated.

Merry Christmas from all at Polmont Rotary.

Santa calling!
Just finished at Tesco - a big thank you to everyone for their donations and support!!

Santa Resting At Tesco

Yesterday was another good day at Tesco, Santa was also helped by non Rotarian volunteers. Friday the 23rd. collection result was £734.48 and the running total now: £4632.48. Thank you to the generous people of Polmont and the Braes from Santa and Polmont Rotary Club.

Thank you Santa

It is your last chance to see Santa at Tescos tomorrow 24th. Remember that Tesco closes early tomorrow: Times taken from their website: Christmas Eve: 06:00-19:00. http://www.tesco.com/store-locator/uk/?bID=5181. Santa had another great day today and the daily total and running total will follow later. Thanks to everyone who donated - we really appreciate your support!

Second last chance to see Santa at Tescos tomorrow. Santa has been so busy, but he has come back to see us and the lovely children of Polmont and the Braes and he is looking forward to seeing as many as possible tomorrow.

Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho Santa

Santa was delighted at the response and generosity of shoppers at Tesco, yesterday, Sunday 18th. December when the collection raised £743.85 - a huge thank you. The running total now stands at £3,897.96. #polmontrotary raising money for local charities. Thanks to Lynne and Helen from the Rotary E-club of Southern Scotland for helping. Picture below of Santa having a rest from greeting all the children and adults at Reddinbmuirhead Tesco Store. Thanks to Tesco for accommodating Santa and the Elves.

Santa having a rest at Tesco Store Reddinbmuirhead

Santa has asked me to let everyone know he will be at Tesco tomorrow - Sunday the 18th December 2016 - and he is looking forward to seeing everybody as he helps Polmont Rotary raises funds for Strathcarron Hospice and other Rotary Good Causes.

Santa Ho Ho Ho

Santa has asked me to put this photo on as he was delighted to receive so many letters from children in Polmont and to meet so many and hear their stories. Thank you and a very Happy Christmas!

Letters to Santa

Thanks to all from Gilston and Lawers - we hope you enjoyed Santas visit. We had a marvellous result as extra volunteer elves meant a big difference in our coverage last night. The collection raised a whopping: £767.77 - A huge thank you to all concerned and our two elves from the Rotary E-Club who came back for a second night. The running total now: £3,154.11. Well done everyone!!

Thankyou Santa

Santa Sleigh Route for tonight 14th December - starting around 6.30pm. Gilston Crescent and Lawers Crescent. Santa hopes to see as many children - old and young - as possible. We will try to cover as many streets as possible with the volunteers elves we have. Sorry if we don't manage your street. The streets are decided by Santa and the Elves on the night, depending on the number of helpers we have, so its not possible to give times etc.

Santa Sleigh

Tuesday 13th November collection was £492.01 and the running total now £2,386.34. Santa was delighted with the good turnout of elves with the help of our two supporters from the Rotary E-Club. Once again we did manage extra territory. Thanks to all who gave so generously again, we really appreciate the welcome and support we get from you all.

Santa says thankyou

Tuesday 13th Route from 6.30pm. Braes High, Wallace Brae and Reddingmuirhead. Santa hopes to see as many children - old and young - as possible.

Happy Santa

Monday 12th November collection  £465.62. As we were a bit short of Elves we did not manage any extra streets this time, but still achieved a very satisfactory collection. The weather continuing to be kind. Once again we were surprised at the thanks we received from families in the streets we managed to cover. Once again our thanks to the volunteers who joined us.

Santa and his Elves will be in Brightons and Sunnyside tonight Monday December the 12th from about 6.30 onwards. He is looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Santa Waving

Following a request from the manager at the Co-op store in Laurieston Santa and Elves went to visit on Saturday and Sunday. The Manager and staff were exceptionally helpful, welcoming and delighted at our presence. On Saturday we raised £240.62 and on Sunday we raised £135.67. This was a great result - Thanks to all who contributed to our Christmas collection. Running total to date £1,407.99

Total from the collection at Laurieston Co-op today was £240.62. Thanks to all who gave so generously and also to the staff for their kindness and assistance.

Report just in from Santa at Laurieston Co-op: "Having a very busy afternoon here. My Elf is run off her feet lol! Thanks to everyone who has contributed and talked to us and made us welcome".

Santa is visiting Laurieston Co-op today - why not go along and say hello! A big thank you to the Co-op staff for making it possible.


Polmont Rotary Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Festival

The Rotary Club of Polmont has been participating in another seasonal event held in Polmont Old Parish Church. They are holding a Christmas Tree Festival and all local organisations and businessess were invited to take part. We were delighted to be asked and participate.

President Nancy has been busy decorating our tree as well as our Jaipur Limb Teddy. The Trees can be seen in Polmont Old Parish Church on the 9th from 10am till 12 noon; 2pm till 5pm and 6pm till 8pm and Saturday the 10th December from 10am till 4pm. Entry fee £5.00 Including tea, coffee, shortbread and misical entertainment.

See the Photos below.

For those of you who are new to Rotary you may be wondering what we do and where some of the money we raise goes to and what the limb project is. The Rotary Jaipur Limb project is a pro-active fund-raising and project-initiating body of Rotarians from the UK and it is a registered charity since 1995.

The bulk of their work in India revolves around Limb camps, with as many as 3000 patients turning up for help, but in Africa and other countries outside India they establish new permanent centres and provide on-going support for them by way of technician training, materials and equipment.

The Jaipur Limb is an artificial leg, developed at the Mahaveer hospital in Jaipur, India. The unique component is the Jaipur foot, a clever combination of wood and various densities of rubber vulcanised into a realistic looking brown foot. It is hard-wearing and will last for three or four years, longer if worn with a shoe. A western limb will cost between £1,000.00 and £2,000.00, a Jaipur limb can be made and fitted for as little as £30.00.Jaipur Limb Teddy

Rotary Christmas tree and Teddy

Twinspire Tree

Balcony View

Santas Letter

Letter to Santa

We want to thank Santa for letting us have a peek at one of the letters he received.

Thanks Santa!!

Wednesday 7th December

Tonight’s collection was £520.23 - Wonderful - thanks to all who contributed so much and appreciated by Santa, the Elves and The Rotary Club of Polmont.

A brilliant effort again from all concerned and the running total is £1031.70!!

Photos from Wednesday 7th December

Some Photos from the Santa Sleigh round tonight. Thanks to all who helped and Santa would like to say thank you to the Elves and the Drivers tonight as well as all who gave so generously. The Total will be posted later after it has been counted.

Photo 1: Where is Santa? Photo 2: Here he is having said thank you to the Elves. Photos 3: An excited young boy meets Santa and tells him he has been good. Photo 4: Here are all the elves with Santa and if you look carefully he is getting a kiss from one of the Elves!!

Where is Santa

Santa saying thank you to the Elves

A Happy young boy meets Santa and tells him he has been good

Santa and the Elves

Santa Sleigh Clipart

Santa Sleigh Route for Tonight Wednesday 7th December from 6.30 onwards: Eastcroft Drive, Orchard Grove, Fullerton Drive, Green Park and Polmont Park. Santa and his Elves look forward to seeing you all tonight.

Jolly Santa SANTA SLEIGH UPDATE Tuesday 6th Dec.

Santa and his Elves would like to thank every one for a great visit to St Margaret's and Santa also visited the St Margaret's Home - to the delight of the residents.

Thanks also to everyone at Tiree Crescent, Colonsay Avenue and Stevenson Avenue and a couple of other streets.

We raised the amazing sum of £511.47.


Here are the routes and dates for the Santa Sleigh for December 2106. Santa and the Elves look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Santa Sleigh Routes 2106

Here are the days and time that Santa and the Elves will be visiting Tesco and the CO-OP. We look forward to meeting you all. Thank you for your generosity in the past and we hope for a good year this year so we can help lots of organisations and people in need in our local area.

Santa Sleigh Charity Collections Tesco and CO-OP

President Nancy Rule, Lauren, Murray and Brian Sharp, Youth Convener

President Nancy Rule, Lauren, Murray and Brian Sharp, Youth Convener

Joyce, President Nancy Rule, Councillor and Rotarian Malcolm Nicol and Linda

Joyce, President Nancy Rule, Councillor and Rotarian Malcolm Nicol and Linda

On Wednesday 23rd of November the Club hosted our two candidates for Challenge Enterprise, both from Braes High School, along with the Depute Headteacher Marjorie Cotter. Lauren and Murray were introduced to the Club by Brian Sharp, our Youth Convener. Lauren and Murray shared a Power Point Presentation to illustrate their talk about their experiences at the Challenge Enterprise weekend. They proved excellent candidates and spoke extremely well, a credit to their School and to Polmont Rotary Club who spoansored them. You can read more about it below. The Vote of Thanks was given by Malcolm Nicol. Malcolm was hosting two young Chinese business women visiting suppliers in Scotland and Lauren and Malcolm took the chance to network with our far travelled guests, Joyce and Linda.


Challenge Enterprise

The Club recently sponsored two senior pupils from Braes High School to attend the Rotary District 1020 Challenge Enterprise weekend at the BB Headquarters in Larbert. The event attracted 50 senior pupils sponsored by Rotary Clubs across Central Scotland, Lothians & the Borders and Dumfries & Galloway. Challenge Enterprise is designed for 16-18 year olds who are likely to go on to a successful career in Business. It concentrates on giving them an insight into various aspects of business and sets challenges which will help develop their confidence and business knowledge.

Our two candidates commented after the weekend : -

We found the experience particularly beneficial, as it truly gave us an insight to what the real business world was like. I thought this was shown when we were given the opportunity to speak with the border biscuits founder, John Cunningham. Further, seeing Sean Harley of the Smith Anderson group, gave me a very good look at how products of mass production are manufactured. The sheer level of "behind the scenes" workers were incredible - I had no idea how much HR, Marketing and Management was Involved in a large business such as theirs. They certainly opened my eyes to what it is like if I am going to be a man of business in the future. M.A.

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience the challenge enterprise event. I admit to being a bit anxious at the outset, not knowing what was going to be expected of me and not knowing the others I would be working with. However, it was an unforgettable experience where I met many new people from a range of backgrounds and managed to challenge myself in new ways. It was very enjoyable and has undoubtedly increased my selfconfidence. Overall, the weekend helped me clarify that I would like to study business in further education and gave me an insight into the different aspects of business. L.H.

Primary Schools Quiz

We are holding our annual Primary Schools Quiz in February and all twelve Primary Schools in our area have been invited to take part. The winner goes forward to represent Polmont Rotary in the Rotary District area final.

Young Writer Competition

All 12 Primary and the 3 Secondary Schools in our area have been invited to take part in the RIBI Young Writer Competition which is in three age categories Junior 7 to 10 years old, Intermediate 11 to 13 years old and Senior 14 to 17 years old on 31st August 2016. The closing date is 15th December 2016 and the overall winner in each group will receive a book token for £25 and go forward to represent Polmont Rotary in the District 1020 final.

Young Technology Competition

The three secondary schools have been invited to enter three teams - S1 & S2, S3 & S4 and S5 & S6 pupils into the above competition to undertake tasks at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels respectively. The Rotary District Area Competition is taking place on 8th March 2017.


The 2nd of November saw Mike McCormick from the Carse of Stirling Club in District 1010 as our Guest Speaker. Mike is the Chairman of the Scottish branch of the Jaguar Drivers Club. Mike took over when the membership was only 8 and now boasts over 450 members with the newest being an 18 year old young lady. He is obviously doing something right! The club is very active throughout Scotland and has won a number of awards. Mike showed a good number of photos to illustrate what the club members get up to throughout the year. Thanks Mike for an excellent and very interesting talk that we all enjoyed. For more information checkout their Facebook Page @ https://www.facebook.com/jaguardriversclubscotland/…

Nancy Rule and Mike McCormick of the Scottish Jaguar Drivers Club and a member of the Carse of Stirling Rotary Club District 1020

On the 19th of October we had Ross Fenwick from Operational Services, Falkirk Council, as our guest speaker. Ross spoke to us about Falkirk Council's waste management plans and changes to household waste uplifts. It was an excellent talk and he answered a good number of questions and stayed behind after the meeting to chat to some of the members and their partners. Thanks Ross.

Nancy Rule and Ross Fenwick Falkirk Council Waste Management Services

Up Coming Programme:
19th October - Robin Baird Falkirk Council speaking on Waste Managment. This is a Partners evening
26th October - Business Meeting
2nd November - Mike McCormick from the Jaguar Drivers Club (Scotland)
9th November - Fellowship Evening
16th November - Speaker to be arranged - Partners evening
23rd November - Fellowship Evening
30th November - Business Meeting


11 members of the Polmont Club visited the Carse of Stirling Club in District 1010 as our Scatter week visit. We were warmly welcomed by the Carse Club and we had an excellent meal and an enjoyable evening with this happy and enthusiastic small club. It was good to see that they were involved in lots of projects and we mamanged to get one of their members to come to speak to our club in November. See above.

President Douglas Mulholland Carse of Stirling Club Presenting President Nancy Rule of the Polmont Club with a Banner

President Douglas Mulholland Carse of Stirling Club Presenting President Nancy Rule of the Polmont Club with a Banner

Members of the Carse of Stirling Club and Polmont Rotary Club who were visiting.

Members of the Carse of Stirling Club 1010 and Polmont Rotary Club 1020 on a Scatter week visit

President Elect Iain Morrison with Maureen Burns from Grangemouth Heritage Trust. Maureen gave a very interesting talk illustrated with photos, on the history of Grangemouth and the formation and running of the Heritage Trust Museum in Grangemouth.

President Elect Iain Morrison and Maureen Burns Grangemouth Heritage Trust

Great fun was had at the first round of the 1020 District Rotary Quiz - Honest :-) Polmont hosted the evening with President Elect Iain Morrison in the Chair. Polmont were the eventual winners and thanks to Larbert club who were good oponents and brough a number of supporters with the, We are also grateful to Rotarian Bill Lawrie of the Falkirk Club for conducting the quiz so ably.

Both Teams

Polmont and Larbert Quiz Teams

Larbert Quiz Team

The Larbert Club above

and the Polmont Team Below

Polmont Quiz Team

President Nancy Rule with Alison Harris MSP who told us all about being a new girl in the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood in Edinburgh. A very interesting evening.

Nancy Rule and MSP Alison Harris

Photos from the Recent Visit to the Club by 1020 District Governor Olive Geddes. Olive brought the RI message to the club of "Rotary Serving Humanity" and to that end having a final push to eradicate Polio. IT is up to every member, club and Disitrict throughout the world to support Polio now to rid the world of Polio. One way is to get involved in the Crocus project to either by a lapel crocus or plant purple crocus for the spring. Polmont is getting involved in both these projects. President Nancy wished Olive all the best for a happy and succesful year as 1020 DG. Thanks for coming to visit the Polmont Rotary Club Olive.

Welcome to our New President - Nancy Rule

Handover from Brian Glanville to Nancy

All Smiles at the Handover from Brian to Nancy

President Nancy welcoming President Elect Iain Morrison


End of 2015 / 16 Session

Rotary Club of Polmont Community Award 2015 / 2016

Finlay Nicholson was the recipient of the Rotary Club of Polmont's Community Award. Seen here being presented with the Cup by President Brian Glanville. Finlay was nominated by Mrs Lawson Eades and he is a worthy recipient. He has been involved with the Forth Valley Talking Newspaper Association (Newsline) for 20 years. For most of that time he has been responsible for producing, recording and copying the Monthly Audio Magazine. We are delighted to have Finlay as our recipient of our Community Award which is sponsored by Atif Bashir of the Falkirk Dental Practice.

Left to Right: Mrs Lawson Eades, who Nominated Finlay, Mr Atif Bashir, from Falkirk Dental Practice, who have sponsored the award for a number of years. Recipient Finlay Nicholson and President Brian Glanville.

Craig Arthur and Jillian Violaris from SP Energy Newtworks, with President Brian Glanville, were our speakers on the occasion of our Community award for 2105 / 2106. They gave a very interesting presentation to Rotarians, Partners and Guests.

The Rotary Club of Polmont's 42nd Charter Dinner

Some photos of the Evening

The Club decided to present DG Andy with a Paul Harris Fellowship because of all his hard work for District 1020 and for the Credit he has brought to the  Office and the Club. Congratulations Andy!

DG Andrew Ireland being presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship by President Brian Glanville on behalf of the Rotary Club of Polmont

The Club's Newest Paul Harris Fellow - DG Andrew Ireland with his wife Jacquie and President Brian Glanville

Our Two Paul Harris Fellows - Jim Smith and DG Andy Ireland

Our Entertainer for the Evening Clark Stewart

Flowers for Irene

Flowers for Jacquie

Raffle Prize winners

Some Club Members Partners and Guests

Photos from the 2016 Swimarathon Prizegiving event, hosted and sponsored by the

 Inchyra Grange Hotel and Spa.

The Rotary Club of Polmont Swimarathon 2016 took place on Saturday, the 20th February at Grangemouth Sports Centre. 30 teams took part with 150 swimmers. The teams and swimmers were entered from all over the Falkirk area and comprised of local secondary schools, local businesses and other organisations. The teams were asked to swim as many lengths as possible in 55 minutes, with one swimmer from each team in the pool at any one time (relay style).

 At the end of the event the total number of lengths completed were 3,730 = 93,250 metres (25m lengths) = 58 miles, quite an amazing distance in such a short time. The team that completed the most lengths in 55 minutes were from SP Energy (Scottish Power) and they swam an incredible 203 lengths. The runners up were Denny High School with 200 lengths and the relay was so close at the end of the session, and very exciting to watch, as both teams pushed themselves to their limits.

The Provost of Falkirk, Pat Reid, was in attendance plus Rotary District Governor (DG) Andrew Ireland (also a member of Polmont Rotary), along with President Brian Glanville. DG Andrew also took part in the Swimarathon- well done Andy!

70 attended the Swimarathon  presentation lunch at the Inchyra on 19 April  

The Rotary Club of Polmont Swimarathon 2016 raised £9,500 for Radio Forth Cash for Kids.

All the monies raised are earmarked to help sick, disabled and disadvantaged children in the Falkirk area.

The Awards handed out were as follows - see the photos below:

Highest fundraising team: KMD Associates

Highest fundraising school: Carrongrange School

Outstanding school performance: Denny High

Most lengths completed: SP Energy Networks

Outstanding contribution award: Anne Riley

Willie Hunter, Trustee Board Chairman of Cash For Kids receiving a cheque for £9500 from President Nominee Iain Morrison of Polmont Rotary Club. Also in the photo are Ken Donald, Swimarathon Organiser, Emma Kemp, CFK Charity Manager, and far right, the Inchyra Grange Hotel and Spa General manager Stuart Maxwell - our sponsor. The amount doesn't include Gift Aid to be claimed. A fantastic effort from the Club with the support of Cash for Kids, Radio Forth, the Inchyra Grange Hotel, Falkirk Community Trust and the staff of Grangemouth Swimming Pool and of course all the teams and their sponsors, not forgetting the Club members and family who help run the event.

Congratulations to our winning team, SP Energy Networks who swam an amazing 203 lengths in 55 minutes, worth winners of the award for the most lengths completed. In the picture with the team, President Nominee Iain Morrison, and Inchyra Grange Hotel and Spa General Manager Stuart Maxwell - our Sponsor.

Well done to KMD Associates for the Highest Fundraising Team. Scott Donald receiving the award from Inchyra Grange Hotel and Spa General Manager Stuart Maxwell - our Sponsor.

Carrongrange School has consistently been the school that raises the most money in sponsorship and received the award for the Highest Fundraising School - well done to them again this year.

Denny High School received an award for swimming just a few lengths short of the winners, they swam 200 to be precise, just 3 short of the winning total. They received the award for the Outstanding School Performance - Congratulations to the team.

Anne Riley receiving a Special Award for the tremendous assistance she has given the Swimarathon. Anne Received an Outstanding Contribution Award. In the picture, President Nominee Iain Morrison, Anne and Inchyra Grange Hotel and Spa General Manager Stuart Maxwell - our Sponsor.

Nancy Rule Presenting Flowers to Anne Riley with President Nominee Iain Morrison, Anne and Inchyra Grange Hotel and Spa General Manager Stuart Maxwell - our Sponsor.

Swimarathon Presentation Group Photo

Some Photos from the Melrose 7's

All photos by Peter Croan

SRU President John Crozier, John Rutherford and DG Andy

Andy and Jim Telfer

It's a corner!!

Andy and Dougie Vipond

Female Referee

The Ref laying down the law!

Team Rotary

Match Officials

Video on the Big Screen

Rotary joins Melrose Sevens to make a winning team

Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland will this year be sponsoring the Melrose Sevens rugby tournament, which will take place in the Scottish borders town later this month.

The tournament, which attracts up to 16,000 spectators, is held every year to celebrate the anniversary of the first ever Rugby Sevens tournament, which was held in Melrose in 1883. Rugby sevens is now played on a global stage and teams from across the globe, including three of the main rugby playing nations; Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have travelled to Scotland to take part in the tournament.

Melrose Sevens is the most prestigious of ten border tournaments that make up a league known as the King of Sevens, where teams compete at individual tournaments to gain points with the aim of being crowned the ultimate "Kings of the Sevens".

Rotary took on the honour of sponsoring the Melrose tournament after this year’s District Governor for District 1020 in Scotland, Andy Ireland, refereed the final ten years ago. Andy was one of the first ever professional referees in Scotland and he has been heavily involved in the sport ever since.

Andy comments, “Sponsoring the Melrose Sevens event is a great opportunity to showcase the great work that Rotary does to a new audience and we are really proud to be involved.

“Being resilient, showing perseverance and coming together to work as a team are three Rotarian qualities that are equally important in Rugby, demonstrating why the coming together of the two seemed like the perfect fit.”

Doug Hardie, Marketing Convener of the Melrose Sevens tournament, adds, “We are extremely pleased to have Rotary on board this year. The work that Rotary clubs across Scotland and the rest of the UK and Ireland carry out makes an undeniable difference, and we are delighted to help them reach 16,000 more potential pairs of hands to help them make a difference.”

For more information on Rotary and its work visit: www.rotarygbi.org


Jacquie and Andy looking great and having a Ball at the Ball.

Nancy and Ian Presenting a cheque for A Literacy Box from Rota Kids

1020 Delegates

Our District Young Citizen Award winner Sammi Kinghorn. Sammi is a 20 year old wheelchair racer who was nominated for this award by the RC of Duns. She is currently triple European champion in the 100m, 400m, and 800m and holds numerous Scottish records and hopes to compete in the Paralympics in Rio this year.


The First Group of Swimmers at our 2106 Swimarathon. All the monies raised will go to Forth 1 Cash for Kids in our Local Area. Along with the Swimmers are Emma Kemp - Organiser for Cash for Kids, Forth DJ Mark Martin, Anne Riley from the Grangemouth Pool, Ken Donald organiser for Polmont Rotary and President Brian Glanville

The First group of Swimmers at Polmont Rotary Swimarathon

The Second Group of Swimmers with Radio Forth 1 Organiser Emma and DJ Mark.

Second Group of Swimmers

The Third group of Swimmers with Emma Kemp - Organiser for Forth 1 Cash for Kids

Third group of Swimmers

The Final Group of Swimmers with all the Members and family of Polmont Rotary.  A great day was had by everyone and a very successful event with our Sponsor The Macdonald Inchyra Grange Hotel and Spa and our partner Forth 1 Cash for Kids.

The Final Group of Swimmers and all the helpers from Polmont Rotary Club

Emma Kemp with the winners  - the Scottish Power Team who managed 203 lengths in 55 minutes, breaking the previous record by quite a margin. Congratulations to all the team.

The winners with 203 lenths of the pool - Scottish Power Team.

The Smaller Children enjoying a jump and splash into the pool.

The smaller children enjoying a jump and splash into the pool

Some of the teenagers showing their enthusiasm with a jump and splash at the end of their swim.

Some of the teenagers showing their enthusiasm with a jump and splash at the end of their swim

Provost Pat Reid, Ken Donald - organiser for Polmont Rotary Club, DG Andy Ireland, President Brian Glanville and Emma Kemp for Cash for Kids.

Provost Pat, Ken, DG andy, Pres Brian and Emma





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