Completed meetings and events 2016-2017

Mon 27th March 2017 Lonsdale School activity night

One of our 3 annual visits when we join with the students at Lonsdale Special School for a bit of fun and games. Always a rewarding evening

Mon 27th March 2017 Members - Collect your Jam at the Lonsdale School meeting

Ted will bring along 1 jar of Tiptree 'End' Polio Now' jam per Member for collection, with donation to Rotary Foundation (EPN) read more...

Mon 20th March 2017 Dinner with Global Scholar Christal Owosu

Christal will explain how her Rotary funded post graduate study year is progressing read more...

Thu 23rd February 2017 Rotary collection at Stevenage Rail Station

To celebrate Rotary Day on 23rd, Rotarians will be at the Station to promote awareness and collect funds for local charitable causes. read more...

Completed meetings and events:

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