Future meetings and events around the district

Grantham - Mon 29th January 2018 Frog (Dragon Race)

Evening meeting with Partners. Joint clubs & IW. Raising money as part celebration of Mother club's 100th anniversary.

Grantham - Fri 2nd February 2018 at 12.00 - Sun 4th February 2018 - 18.00 Rotary Swimarathon

This is our Club's major fundraising event at The Meres Leisure Centre, Grantham and involves the whole community, schools and businesses in Grantham & District. With the help of our Sponsors, all monies raised are then donated back to local charities

Grantham - Mon 19th March 2018 - Thu 22nd March 2018 Inner Wheel District 7 Conference

In Bournemouth.

Grantham - Sun 24th June 2018 - 01.00 Church Service at Welbourne

Details to come. In village of NPs David Close & Stephen Short. Partners welcome.

Grantham - Sun 24th June 2018 - 01.00 Garden Party at Welbourne

To follow club's church service. Garden Party hosted by NP David & Stephanie Close. Partners of course welcome. Details awaited.